Nutz Headphones

First impressions are the packaging is well designed and felt high quality.
First impressions are the packaging is well designed and felt high quality.

So I was sat there listening to music on my laptop whilst my husband was watching TV, both of us fighting to hear over each other. Obviously my music is far more important than my husband’s TV programme….or so I tell him! But this doesn’t always, or ever, resolve the noise battle. It is just something which happens when you are living together but have different ideas on entertainment for the evening. So I was very excited to pull out the head phones, Nutz Audio, because we don’t all want the same old brands which everyone is buying. As soon as they are firmly on my head I can enter my own world, at last, no noise fights, not even a peep from the TV. What’s super cool about these headphones is that they completely block out noise around you, and really this is what I want. But it isn’t like having gaffer tape tightly wrapped around your ears they are cushioned, really comfy. Unlike ear phones I have worn in the past I can wear them for long periods of time without needing to take ear breaks or check the mirror to see if my ears still exist. I really like the fact I can adjust the sizing of them and change the aux cable depending on what I am doing. They look nice, feel nice and most important of all, they work!

Nutz Audio headphones Packaging and contents
Nutz Audio headphones Packaging and box contents

In a nutshell, It was very exciting receiving this little bundle of joy. The packaging is of a high quality, lovely thick card. Both the packaging, accessories and headphones are of equal quality if not better than other leading brands currently dominating the market and the great case included will look after my headphones whenever I’m not using them.

I highly recommend if anyone is thinking of purchasing a new pair of headphones they definitely consider Nutz Audio. You won’t be disappointed!

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“This product was won in a competition and therefore, provided to me free of charge from the company. The opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own.”

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