Sweet bird

Sweet bird syrups

Sweetbird syrups are a super cool way of jazzing up your coffee. We currently have the peanut butter, almond, and hazelnut syrups. I have to say I screwed up my face at the peanut butter option but have grown to love this one the most. For someone who doesn’t have sugar or sweetener in their drinks it seemed pointless to have these sweet syrups but set as side the fact you can use them as an alternative to sugar they also allow you to mix up your coffees making them more interesting combinations on days that need brightening up. I love the pumps which come with the bottles. I initially had visions of syrup dripping all over the place making sticky hands and work tops however the pumps mean you get your shot of syrup without any mess or annoyance.

As well as being registered vegetarian & vegan friendly by The Vegan Society and having no artificial colours or preservatives the syrups can be enjoyed without feeling like it is an unhealthy treat which is definitely important in our home.The syrup has always disolved beautifully into my coffee leaving no lumps or bumps floating at the top or clumped at the bottom, just a yummy cup of coffee from top to bottom.

If you are after more inspiration and ideas for your syrups you can head over to the Sweetbird site:, http://hellosweetbird.com where you will find different recipes such as Gingerbread Latte which is perfect for the season or an almond mocha which I have made several times and is my lazy day treat.


“These products were won in a competition and therefore, provided to me free of charge from the company. The opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own.”

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