ila ~Luxury Organic Skincare, spa products and treatments

Pure and beautiful to the touch, scent and application. You can tell down to the last details that these spa products have been made with passion. You know when you think, ‘gosh, it’s going to be such a shame to open these products, let alone use them’ well this is exactly my thoughts when my ila spa treatments arrived. Luxury radiates from this brand, right the way from their philosophy through to the positive impact it has on the way your skin feels after application. I’ve noticed a huge difference in the way my skin felt from using the Day Cream for Glowing Radiance (check out I used the glowing radiance Day Cream every single day religiously and each day I admired the quality of this product. It melts into the skin perfectly and smells beautiful.

I keep the products in their original beautifully coloured packaging because each day it is fantastic unwrapping them and seeing the gold card unveil itself from inside the bright marigold and deep aubergine colours. Unwrapping the creams and sprays, taking the lid off and applying them to your skin is an experience you don’t get with high street brands.

If it were remotely possible I would for certain give this product 200% but realistically this is not possible to all those maths geeks out there, so 100% satisfaction, is what I will suggest. Another gem ila offers is their Energy Spray for an Aura of Confidence. This smells perfect, I wish I could offer a quick spritz whilst you read this blog, you would melt into your chair and want to douse yourself in it and inhale all day long.

I will finish with the face oil for glowing radiance, super soft and smelling beautiful (which appears to be a wonderful quality of ila’s products). You don’t need an awful lot of this product in one go unless you like that oil slick look. To help you carefully manage the oil the bottle has a fancy little pump which for someone like me who is super clumsy it means I avoid the oil slick look and wasting a beautiful product.

ila products are stunning however the price tag does match the quality of what they have to offer. The products are of an amazing quality so I would suggest ordering some sachets first to see the quality for yourself. Which I believe will help convince you to spend a few extra pounds to benefit from the pure organic ingredients blended into each and every product. –

“This product was won in a competition and therefore, provided to me free of charge from the company. The opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own.”


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