Frosty Paws~ Pet clothing

Just for the record, I am not jealous of Lola…well, okay just a bit….okay, okay a lot then!

Well who can blame me? Lola has a whole new wardrobe including cute little socks, a lovely squishy coat and a pet bandannas.

Day Dreaming…again

She has had a Frosty Paws (Anker International) make over and looks super cute in all of her new outfits. Lola’s days are now taken up by day dreaming about her different outfit changes and colourful possibilities she has on offer. She can’t wait to elegantly strut past the bull terriers hanging out at the local skate park.

Show them what you’re made of Lola!

But one thing Lola, AKA ‘Pickles’ doesn’t know is, my husband and I have held back her Christmas stocking which will be cramped full of all things doggy…basically all edible items and a tennis ball. So Christmas is sorted for one furry member of the family. I have to say the stocking is very in keeping with Christmas and has had the ‘ooowww…that’s cute’ feedback from several friends…of mine, not Lola’s!

Lola’s Xmas Stocking

The stockings are sold between £1.50 and £2.50 in independent shops for all of you who love to scamper around the shops and for those of us who like to shop online, at midnight…ok just me again then, maybe head towards Amazon.

Lets talk business, and doggy fashion, the bandannas that Lola have are, blue with white doggy bones and red with flashy white stars. Both items have something in common with Lola’s personality, they are creative, fun and bursting with durability. At a price of only £2 to £3.50 from Lewis Retail or at the Factory shop your dog could be giving it the runway walk in no time.

Frosty Paws is definitely the brand to buy if you are after well made pet clothing. The material of the T-shirts, socks, coat, dog hoodie (I wish I could fit in this, £3 to £6 at The Range) and bandannas are all very soft. The T-shirts even have fun slogans on them, saying “Lady of the Manor” and “Lord of the Manor”. Both slogans encapsulate the hierarchies of households with pets up and down the country. If you have a little lady dog, Frosty paws have a dress which any female (or male, we don’t judge) friend could wear with pride over the Christmas period so they shine like at little furry star.

Shall we talk Christmas again?…yep, I think so! Naturally, when it gets to this time of year Lola, AKA ‘Pickles’ has the urge to morph into a Christmassy character. Last year she tried to steal father Christmas’ identity, thankfully no one was fooled….Lola’s beard was too large to pass for father Christmas. This year Lola has shown interest in being a reindeer and Frosty Paws have the perfect solution to Lola’s bizarre dressing up habits. For a festive price of £1.50 to £2.50 from Lewis Retail and the Factory shop, how could I possibly deny our four legged friend time in the lime light and to tread the boards. There are no sharp bits that Lola will get irritated by and they are light as a feather for her small head.

Frosty Paws provides quality, colourful and attractive pet clothing at very realistic prices in many independent and national stores. Listen up however, I’ll give you a hint, leave your four legged friend at home whilst you go clothes shopping as your little he or she might combust with excitement. Lola wet herself last time she went on a shopping trip…thankfully no one saw…Who’d ave em!

Lots of Love

Yappy Lola



“These products were provided to me free of charge from the company in order to review it. However the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own.”

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    So cute!

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