Brainbox Candy

Brainbox Candy are the makers of well funny cards and that. Fun, imaginative and quite frankly knicker wetting with their array of slogans and statements which are frank and to the point. And yes, if you do touch my mug I will break your face, that goes out to the person who stole my favourite mug at work. However, I have a little feeling, I don’t know why, but I have a feeling no one will attempt such a mug robbery again! SHAME ON YOU…but i’m cool about it now…grrrrhhh

My Mug!

Stashed in my work cupboard will be my other mugs for sarcastic emergencies ‘I wish this was gin’ because oh boy at times I wish it was. £8.50 for a brilliant new mug, well who’s complaining?

Brainbox Candy £8.50

I love the bright colours and contemporary typography on Brainbox Candy’s products because they capture my inner voice and quite frankly blurts out to everyone what I am thinking half the time…well I don’t always have the confidence to say it as it is. But I now have assistance from Brainbox Candy I can just wave my mugs, strut in my apron, slam my mug down on my place mats in a drama seeking way. No more messing around.

Brainbox Candy

But on a serious note, I have been doodling my plans and scribbling down my thoughts and ideas in my inventions book, I have got to page 2 and am slowly grinding to a holt with ideas. Maybe I should just go on the x factor that might make me rich…but I will have to sacrifice my sanity. Where as if I keep working in my inventions book and putting all spare change into my midlife crisis fund I should surely make it. Surely?

I have little Aunt Mae’s 90th birthday card sorted for next year. It was a tossup between two designs, but I think she will adore the one i’ve picked. All I can say is thank goodness she doesn’t know who I am anymore…you have to find gentle ways of getting your own back after being pretty much force fed prunes and custard throughout your childhood. And for only £2.50 I will have great fun seeing how much she loves it.

You should skip over to Brainbox Candy and giggle your way through the amusing, shocking and damn right random products they have for all to enjoy. Great quality, colourful, brilliant illustrations, well packaged and just a damn good laugh. What are you waiting for?

P.S we love your ‘about’ page and girls, we have some new competition, Dennis looks waaayyy too good in that leotard…more star jumps needed!


“These products were provided to me free of charge from the company in order to review it. However the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own.”


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