Wombat Leather

I’m super duper pleased with my reliable Leather Wombat sling backpack costing just £69.94. It looks perfect with everything and because it’s so versatile I love it. I like the idea of grabbing my bag and hitting the road with no dramas or style meltdowns. Everything I need to carry, my huge purse, phone, tissues, and keys fits in it with no stressed or bulging zips…just a great luxury look.

I usually go for a different style handbag, so I wondered how I would get on with this particular sling backpack. To be honest, I have not separated myself from it since it arrived. I absolutely love it. It sings luxury but is also very casual. I can’t say a bad word about it. The strap is smooth and soft. I can barely feel it when I am wearing it. Loads of friends have stated how nice it is….and my confident reply being..’I know!’


Another great factor is the adjustable strap. I have been able to personalise how its sits whilst I am wearing it. Depending on whether or not I am wearing my coat I can ensure it sits right and feels great. The backpack is made from super soft leather and feels very, very good and smells even better (smell is everything…you gotta love a leather scent).

The yummy chocolate brown contrast beautifully with the natural shade of green that lines inside the two pockets. With several compartments I can access belongings without standing in front of everyone looking confused and frustrating whilst all my collected rubbish falls over the floor. I suppose it has almost organised my bag world. No more wrappers, sticky sweets, and general rubbish building up at the bottom of my bag where all sorts of unwanted creatures can inhabit and breed. Yuck!

I can see myself wearing this little gem all over the place to all different events and adventures because of the zipped pocket that is at the back.6080-wl-2 I can store my bank card or phone so it is not accessible to the world, but still really easy for me to access. You really need to see for yourself how well made the sling backpack is. It is extremely sturdy and also looks beautifully designed and carefully made.

See for yourself, the quality and luxury that Wombat Leather have to offer at:


“This product was provided to me free of charge from the company in order to review it. However the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own.”

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