Chocolate Fayre

Chocolate Fayre definit7.jpgely love chocolate. And I definitely love Chocolate Fayre’s chocolates. With every bite it is clear the family run business have been producing chocolates for 30 years. They are extremely delicious, rich and full of flavour. They look beautiful… in fact, more than beautiful. This is the type of gift where you find it terribly difficult to hand it over. Resulting in a tug of war situation between you and your special someone.

It is no lie that my greedy little eyes glittered and gleamed at the sight of Chocolate Fayres packaging. By the time I had unpackaged the chocolates that was it. I suddenly realised that I don’t like sharing. You heard me, hands off! These are ALL mine.

Amaretto Truffle, White Stawberry Truffle, Cherry Ganache, Dark Caramel, Rondelette, Forest Fruit, Dark Cointreau and the yummy list goes on. They sound like a fairy tale, look like magic and taste like heaven.

I studied and stared at each chocolate in awe with complete admiration. My mouth screamed feed me! Chocolate Fayre have created a beautiful selection of chocolates that invite all senses. I don’t remember having chocolates where each one was totally delicious. I loved them all. No digging around or pushing one or two to the side, nope, I gobbled each and every one relentlessly and unapologetically.


The packaging sung quality, luxury and experience. Beautiful ribbon, quality card labels with a clear window inviting you to a world of ‘me time’.

It is clear Chocolate Fayre love what they do…I mean who wouldn’t? producing beautifully crafted and deliciously tasting chocolate…you know you have made it when you are surrounded by over 80 types of handmade chocolates…welcome to chocolate heaven.

Luxury ribbon

If you can keep your eyes and hands off them long enough, a gorgeous box of chocolates would be a perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries. Your special someone will most certainly thank you…if you don’t gobble them before hand.

If you need a beautiful treat for yourself (no one is judging) or a luxury gift why not carefully select your favorite handmade chocolates from

“This product was provided to me free of charge from the company in order to review it. However the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own.”

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