Glitter and the Moon

If you are goin’ to chill out around your pad why not do it in style? You never know who’s watching!…eh, ok that’s a bit creepy.

Let me start again…

News flash, with thanks to Glitter and the Moon, you can now look fabulous even when you are having a ‘loungy’ day. Glitter and the Moon (love the name) have created beautiful ranges of lounge wear so you look good wherever you are and whoever you are with. As beautiful and dreamy as their name suggests their French knickers whisper luxury and romance.


Glitter and the Moon have a unique range of French knickers including ‘Lucky Star’, the pair I chose. The knickers which can be worn as petite shorts are hand finished with stylish sequins and beads giving a beautifully sparkle and what girl doesn’t like a little bit of sparkle. The designs are simple, tasteful and extremely cute. I can imagine these being worn for special occasions like your wedding day or anniversary because they are so classic and gorgeous.

The embroidery on my French knickers is flawless and if I could have kept the label on them I would have. Glitter and the Moon have every detail covered with a little moon and star stitched to the label…I love it!

It is evident that the designs have been carefully considered to capture a stunning vintage feel. has a charming vintage feel throughout their site with beautiful models wearing example pieces. My French knickers cost £25 which is a great price considering each piece is hand finished. I chose black satin however, there was a range of colour to be chosen from including rich cream and cherry red. The satin is lovely and thick with a soft band at the top of the knickers.

My parcel arrived in beautiful condition carefully packaged in black tissue paper with matching ribbon with Glitter and Moon stickers holding the packaging elegantly together.

French Knickers packaged

Look great in luxury whether it is for you or for a special someone…


“This product was provided to me free of charge from the company in order to review it. However the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own.”


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