Love your Loafers ~Seira Elves

Ok, gather round and listen up…a reliable source tells me Christmas is on its way… and judging by cold and cosy days I would say my Intel was correct. Alright, I don’t want to spell it out but this means, ladies we can put together our Christmas lists, guilt free, and as long as you’d like. My list is so long I have to read it stood on a chair.

Christmas list top tips- Don’t forget to scribble down delicious loafers, bubbly and chocolates. They are fashionable and perfect for the autumn, winter, spring and summer (the loafers that is, well chocolate is great all year round too, but I digress). I wear my loafers all year round and they never fail me or my expectations. Jeans, tights and skirts, dresses and leggings…they look great with everything. Beyond being reliable they are also stylish and classic. The word cheap and loafers do not go in the same sentence…it’s just not possible….Nope!


You can get Loafers everywhere at the moment and, Seira Elves have a huge variety to choose from. You’d be mad not to stop off at for a lovely little gander. Seira Elves were established in 2011 and pride themselves in producing fashionable collections that look beautiful all year round.

Santino -SE6131BL4

The shoes I chose from were, as you may have guessed, Loafers. I picked the Santinos which are in blue. My first impressions were they look creative, feminine and unique. I love the use of materials and contrast in colour between the midnight blue uppers and textured beige. The detail around the laces and toes were another factor which grabbed my attention.

Santino Loafers

My loafers arrived quickly and stylishly in a white box carefully wrapped in tissue paper. A lovely introduction to my new feet companions! I look forward to many year of feet adventures and shenanigans in my little Loafers.

I first wore my Seira Elves without socks on a shopping trip. I know, crazy right? I live a wild lifestyle, what can I say!… I was a little concerned I would require the attention of a foot doctor on return from my trip however, they were remarkably comfortable and caused no sores or blisters…thank goodness. Basically, this means I will live in my new Seira Elves all year round, rain or shine.

Seira Elves say their shoes are easily cleaned and maintained which, so far, I would not dispute. I wore mine in the rain…not on purpose, I’m not crazy…and they still look good as new. I can wipe the majority of the loafer with a cloth returning them to their former glory and I am pretty confident the fabric part of the Loafer will also be easily maintained. The bottoms of the loafers were a little slippy to begin with but they just need marking up a little to create some grip.

“I haven’t heard of Seira Elves” I hear you whisper… Well pin those little hearing pieces back because you will hear a lot about these designers soon. Seira Elves have a fantastic feature in January 2016 Fabulooos British Glamour Magazine and the A…mazing Vogue. So make no mistake, get these little wonders on your wish list now, so your trotter look the part for the New Year. If you ask Father Christmas very nicely he may deliver you a marvellous collection of loafers…a pair for each day of the week…wouldn’t that be wonderful…*day dreams*

Right, yep I hear you, lets get down to the nitty gritty…the price. My loafers cost £49.90 plus £3.50 postage. I personally believe this is a great price. Yes, there are other loafers on the market for less but you need to consider quality. And Seira Elves provide quality as well as style, choice and bang on trend collections…Why else would they be featured in Glamour and Vogue in the New Year?

Move over Santa’s Elves – Seira Elves have moved in…and they are here to stay! Grrrrhhh

Merry Christmas x

“This product was provided to me free of charge from the company in order to review it. However the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own.”

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