Kent and Stowe

Matt and Company would like to give a warm welcome to our guest blogger. Who has over 35 years of expertise and gained specialist skills over the years in the world of landscaping and the gardening sector.

I have not used the left handed secateurs before but being left handed they felt comfortable and natural to use. Quite frankly they feel significantly better and less annoying than my usual practice  over the years, where I turn the secateurs upside down to use in the left hand, which is now second nature to me.


The handle squeeze lock release is a great feature and for those using secateurs all the time it makes things easier and a little quicker.

The plastic coated handles are comfortable in the hand and the blade is razor sharp. The mounting bolts for the handles to the body look sturdy and offer hope that they will not fail under pressure. Time will tell and we’ll get back to you…

The image below demonstartes that the left handed seateurs can readily cut through ‘Berberis thunbergia’, which is a hard stem with a diameter as seen below.


The professional secateurs feel comfortable and sturdy as would be expected for the professional range. They are more robust than many cheaper on the market.

The plastic coated handles are comfortable in the hand and the blade is razor sharp.

DSp clup

The locking, slot headed screws at the pivot point are stronger than normal and for extra measure have hex heads. Presumable for just that extra tightening down and undoing. Time will tell on the mechanics of the professional secateurs and we’ll let you know the outcomes. Additionally, time will tell, whether the coating de-gloves from the handles, which often happens in my line of work. Unfortunately when this has happened to other products I have used in the past, the bare metal can leave dirty stains on your hands, so I will be interested to see how these secateurs fare.

The packaging and tools are professionally branded with clear instructions and the tools are secured safely.

The carbon fibre hoe is light weight, angled correctly and easy to use, especially in amongst those vegetable sowings. The handle is long enough to prevent, that all too often, stooping posture when hoeing. So, it is comfortable for longer periods of usage on larger plots. You can do big areas quickly if you are experienced in using this tool which is a huge positive.

This hoe might not be the tool of choice if you are looking to clear large shrub borders, or chop through unruly unkempt plots, but would be perfect for the flower borders and vegetable garden.

Dhoe pack

Kent and Stowe clearly have trust in their products as they offer five year and ten year guarantees dependent on the tool. This is very reassuring, however it would be useful to know if this relates to professional use or only amateur usage.

The website is user friendly and has a wide range of quality tools for different types of jobs whether light weight or of a professional capacity.

All in all I remain really impressed by the quick release action and ergonomics of the left handed secateurs. To see for yourself, visit:

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