Baker Days~ Deliciousness delivered to your door

Handmade, tasty, colourful and fun – have a joyful cake business which provides a convenient and a no nonsense service where you can create personalised cakes online. Barker Days takes the hassle out of planning events with their lovely handmade cakes and useful delivery. Baker Days is a great option when you are considering sending a gift to family or friends. Perhaps a image of you and your family for Granny, or a holiday snap of you and your friends on your summer hols. However, you choose to design your cake, you can be sure that their service will be consistent and the cake made to a high standard.

Our ‘Christmas selfie’ letterbox cake arrived in a very nice white and red tin saying ‘Just for you’ across the lid. The tin which did a perfect job at preserving the cake as there were no dents or damage.

Cake tin

The top of the cake had a selfie image of the household Jack Russell sat on our window seat looking suspicious of our actions.

Christmas Selfie cake by Baker Days

The cake served four people comfortable. Everyone was pleased with the vanilla sponge and soft icing. And with its ‘Merry Christmas’ message across the top of the cake it was a delightful start to Christmas. If you need to feed more than four people you have the option of small with 10-12 portions, medium 18-25 portions and large giving you a whooping 40-55 portion. Yum yum, is all I have to say to that!

Baker Days have a cake range for every occasion from ‘ New Baby’ to ‘Bon Voyage’ cakes. If you need a little inspiration or help with designs, Baker Days have a huge variety of examples that you can customise. Alternatively, you can go to town with your own bespoke designs. Their website is lovely and well designed. You have a range of options to choose from to help ensure the cake is created to fully meet your expectations.

Browse for yourself and look up:


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