Tommy Tucker ~ The world of perfect Popcorn

Popcorn has blasted onto the snack scene over the last year with so many new and exciting flavours. We would never have dreamt of these popcorn flavours back in the day. It would have been criminal…we stuck to our toffee, salted, sweet and butter and we were grateful. Well, a new world is out there, for all to explore and enjoy.

Tommy Tucker sent us a selection of popcorn to try and test. It is clear from our super duper but very challenging task of stuffing our faces and making yummy sounds like “MMmmmm” that Thomas Tucker deliver to a high and very tasty standard. My favourite flavours are smoked cheddar cheese and salt and vinegar. I am quite the savoury fan!

Tommy Tucker

Tommy tucker offer healthier options compared with other day to day snacks. They also have some souped up versions which are all singing all dancing such as ‘caramel summer fruits’ (what a treat!). I can imagine a popcorn and film night with all the amazing colours and flavours laid out and looking beautiful and tasting amazing.

The findings from our extremely technical research suggests Tommy Tucker are a huge popcorn game changer. But don’t be fooled, Tommy Tucker are not newbies…nope you heard me right. They have been serving the nation since 1988 and have proven themselves in our cinemas across the UK. With their no artificial flavours or colours, wheat, GM and gluten free practice, will you make this your new choice of snack?

I was very impressed with the quality of the packaging which kept the popcorn tasting fresh and crisp. The branding is great and the packaging colours suit the flavours nicely. I do, however prefer the traditional looking art work on the ‘luxury toffee’ compared with the American 1950’s diner style, modern retro packaging . But this is my personal taste.

The popcorn itself is perfectly cooked. Each piece was soft and crispy in all the right places. I was really surprised with how each and every piece was so round and plump…I haven’t had popcorn which is like this before. Normally it is all different sizes and textures, but not Thomas Tucker, they have perfected this wonderfully. The quote from their website “All TOMMY’S corn is popped to perfection in the UK, the traditional way, and coated with delicious flavour” is certainly no exaggeration.

Aren’t they beautiful!

Tommy Tucker supply all the UK major cinema chains as well as a large number of the top 10 UK retailers and discounters. For more information visit their site:

Tuck into a bag of Tommy Tucker popcorn this Christmas and enter into the magical world of flavour and perfect texture. Which flavour will be your favourite, their ‘Luxury Toffee’, ‘Chilli & Lemon’, ‘Fruits of the Forest’ or ‘ Smoked Cheddar Cheese’?

I’m off now to eat a whole sharing bag to myself…Well I’m sure Lola will want one or two but Shhhhh don’t tell the vet. Hush Hush!

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