proporta~Handcrafted cases and accessories

If you aren’t aware that it was Christmas last week, you must of been hiding under a huge rock…very huge, or perhaps you’re been hanging out in a scary cave somewhere if for whatever reason you have avoided all the fun. For the rest of us we have been on Christmas count down since (forever) all the shops filled up with shiny things in September. And, for those who are in their own league, shame on you for never taking your decs down making it Christmas all year around…Shame on you!

If you were lucky enough to have received a lovely new ipad or unlucky enough to have been the one who paid for it (sorry bank balance) then you will need a very secure case to keep it safe and as good as new. It would be handy if the case wasn’t HUGE and clunky…I hear you say. Maybe something subtle and sleek but one that will still take good care of your ipad? Have a look at and consider the benefits of choosing one of their protective cases. I believe a case from here will safeguard your little portal device and assist you in exploring universes forever and ever (yep, that’s  a description of an ipad). provided us with a case to test drive and find out why these products should be on the top of your list when it comes to finding the perfect case for your device. Although, it is obviously not lined with bubble wrap, cushioned by tissue paper, and wrapped in foam with warnings written all over it, this case still feels very sturdy and definitely has a protective presence. I have had 2 ipad cases in the past which have been of a similar design however, the overall material of this case feels far more substantial and sturdy than the others I have had. I have also had a leather case which I was able to push my ipad into when I wasn’t using it, unfortunately this presented issues when handling the ipad. Whereas Proporta appears to provide protection to the ipad when you are out and about using it, as well as when it is left on the side redundant.

ipads are designed beautifully and are quite frankly a work of art, when it comes to visual design, ergonomics and accessibility, it seems a shame to cover up that sleek loveliness. Whether or not you can see the original ipad through the case might not be a worry to many however, it is certainly important to me. The case we were sent to test drive is transparent at the back and has a small lip that wraps around the ipad securing it all into place.

The front of the case which carefully snaps across the screen and that can gently folded around the back of the ipad can be tucked into a slot at the back creating a nifty stand. So you can use your ipad in an upright position when left on a surface.


When it comes down to your ipad and the money you have invested in it…your protective case really needs to be sturdy and do its job properly so it would be worth while browsing through the cases at to find the best case to fit your ipad perfectly and to safeguard your precious device from any accidental mistakes.


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