Desert Essence~ Real winners!

Applying ‘any old product’ to your skin should come with a health warning. Who knows what’s in these random products that are out there, and it really surprises me that people purchase make up and skin lotions and potions when they have no idea what toxic ingredients they could be smearing and caking all over themselves. WOW

Many of my friends are very good, they are conscientious about product ingredients and where they are sourced. But others, on the other hand, seem to liberally grab products based on their colours and price, which makes my skin crawl. As I’ve gotten older, I have noticed fewer people around me doing this compared to when I was at school (probably to do with the fact I have no social life, but that’s a different conversation) when a petrol station could have had a BOGOF offer on cheap nasty bargain bucket makeup and there would literally be a queue of girls waving their pocket money at the cashier.

Thank goodness those days have passed along with the homework and assignments. But one characteristic I have had since school, is being very sensitive and fussy about the makeup and products I use on myself. Mainly because my skin, along with being my biggest organ, will be stuck with me (quite literally) for life and I am very conscious of this.

I’ll be honest, I am not achieving top marks when it comes to practicing yoga, eating five pieces of fruit and veg a day or cycling to work. But I do aim to respect for my inner and outer self… where I can. And, using quality and well sourced products is one way I feel I do pass this test.

You may, or may not, have heard about ‘Desert Essence’ who beyond providing a huge range of beautiful products also refrain from animal testing. One more brownie point for ‘Desert Essence’. Additionally, they ensure the suppliers of their ingredients abide by the same principles, Great!. I am confident that this will be attractive to those out their, locally and globally who feel that in this day and age animal testing is not something which should be continuing. Companies like ‘Desert Essence’ are proving to the world that this is not a practice that is integral to producing products.


‘Desert Essence’ provided me with a few products to trial and among these were the Natural Tea Tree Oil facial Cleansing Pads. I have tried tea tree products from a number of different brands in the past, with ranging price tags, and ‘Desert Essence’ have hands down won the tea tree thumb war. The pads a filled (overflowing even) with the stunning scent of tea tree and exfoliating texture. I have been using the pads before bed (religiously) and in the morning (here and there, my time management in the mornings isn’t anything to be admired) and my face has felt refreshed and cleansed. The tea tree in these pads are quite powerful. When I first started to use them I was being blown away from the tea tree however, the scent is something which I have become used to. Other products which I have used that contain tea tree have been really diluted in comparison. Having read the information on their website about how tea tree can benefit skin by reducing blemishes and it can relieve cracked in nails. I was like…The more tea tree the better! Keep blowing me away with this good stuff.

tea tree 1The Cleansing Pads are part of the ‘Desert Essence’ award winners which doesn’t surprise me.It has helped my skin to feel refreshed and smooth on days where my skin has been fatigued and oily. I love the texture of the pads which exfoliate your skin… lovely jubley. I generally wash my face first then use the pad after this before I moisturise. So the pads have created a nice addition to my routine.

‘Desert Essence’ also sent me some tooth paste which I have since used…mmmm all of it…every last bit. It tastes a little different to the standard well known brand tooth pastes you can purchase from the supermarket but it is very refreshing and can be found under ‘Dental Care’ on their website. 3413NDE.pngThe tooth pastes are free from gluten, fluoride, and harsh abrasives and are extremely competitive in price to the well known brands in the supermarket. They have an array of tooth paste products such as tea tree with essential oil of ginger and with natural antiseptic properties… sounds great. Or perhaps the tea tree and fennel option takes your fancy? Either way their tooth pastes are certainly a new game changer compared to my ‘usual’ tooth paste options.

If you want to shop with an organisation who tick all the boxes, then I suggest you visit ‘Desert Essence’ and indulge yourself. And you might think ok ok, this all seems lovely and natural, but ‘Desert Essence’ really are top of the class for consideration and effort. They have even considered their packaging, “all our tubes, bottles, and caps are recyclable” WOW… you guys are amazing, thank you for existing!




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