Wonky Blocks~Great family fun

There’s nothing better than being able to sit down with friends and family on a Saturday night having a chat, playing a game and pigging out on some nibbles. No television, or mobiles, nope not even your ipad is required in this situation (unless you want to hit social media to tell everyone how much of a winner you are!). Just some good old fashioned social skills are needed during Wonky Blocks. The game is out for 2015 and is brilliant whether you are an adult or child.


Wonky Blocks offered my family and I the perfect excuse to sit down, chill out and have a bit of friendly competition. I have to say it took me a few minutes to get my head around the nuts and bolts of the game because I hadn’t played anything quite like Wonky Blocks before.

Once the nature of the game is worked out and you have scanned the instructions there isn’t much more to do other than get stuck in. The cards which are included will tell you which blocks you need to use. You need to find the correct block and give it your best effort not to make the stack of blocks topple over. The first player to get rid of all their cards wins the game, YIPPEE. It’s the kind of game that can be played over and over again. Its great, in this day and age, to indulge in a game that brings everyone together and focuses the mind on the task in hand…beating everyone else!

You can play Wonky Blocks with your other half, or with your best mate as well as with a larger group of six people because the game suggests between 2- 6 players. I played the game with my hubby, fortunately it didn’t end up in divorce…actually it was rather fun. I did prefer playing the game with a few more people because it is quite amusing watching their reactions or responses to the twists and turns of the game.


Strategy and chance are definitely two words I would use to describe the style of game… in some cases the term fluke could also be used…especially when I wasn’t winning. Call me a sore loser!

The packaging and the parts of the game are stylish and very well made. The pieces of the game feel top quality. The packaging has a nice mature look to it so will look great on any shelf. The colours/branding of the packaging and the blocks look unique when compared to other games that are mainly plastics and bold bright colours. I much prefer the wooden parts and the organic colours. These factors would encourage me to choose a game like Wonky Blocks over a game that looked like a fairground in a box.



Wonky Blocks offers fun for all ages and can be played competitively or with the intention of straight forward fun. Another brilliant aspect of Wonky Blocks is there isn’t 15 million pieces which all slowly get misplaced over the years, leaving you with a box of redundant pieces. Great fun for the family if you want some interactive time away from the hustle and bustle. I look forward to playing the game with a youngster to see how they respond.

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