Juice to u ~Goodness in a bottle

I held up a bottle of black stuff coincidently (not) called ‘Blac’ to the light and thought to myself what on earth is this. It looked like sludge with powdery sediment gathered at the bottom. I raised an eyebrow and thought goodness me!


I wondered what on earth it would taste like. I smelt the black substance and shook it like an inquisitive cave man. Intrigued and slightly afraid I put the bottles in my fridge to keep fresh for the following day, which I had planned to be the start date of the ‘Blac’ cleanse. ‘Juice to u’ sent several bottles of their Charcoal cleanse for me to test drive, which aims to restore and rebalance the body. You can find quite a lot of literature on the internet which talks about both the pros and cons of a charcoal cleanse so I felt quite unsure about my feelings towards the whole ‘charcoal’ idea.

I drank straight from the bottle on the first night (rock n roll) 30 minutes before bed, as advised. I was quite surprised with how sweet it tasted. I was under the impression I might need to pinch my nose and take one for the team. The juice is made up from a combination of Alkaline Water, activated charcoal, lime and agave nectar. The lime and agave nectar really came through and tasted lovely.


I had originally thought the juice would be dreadful (sorry guys) but the morale of that story is do not judge a book by its cover. I had super cool black pirate teeth once I had drunk the juice… who doesn’t want a giggle before bed? Sticking out my tongue and exposing my teeth to the world should have become boring after the first two nights but I’m happy to say I found it childishly amusing every night. And of course, if you don’t want black teeth (I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t) you can swill your mouth out and bobs your uncle you will be reunited with your gorgeous whites again.


Within the first few days of drinking the juice I could feel a difference. I maintained a healthy diet whilst having the juices and this noticeable difference appeared after day three where my stomach wasn’t bloating in the same way it sometimes does. Now, this could have been because my stomach wasn’t going to bloat in the first place but it may have had something to do with consuming the juices. I imagined on day one, before trying the juice that I would struggle to bring myself to drink the juice day after day. However it very quickly became part of my routine and it was pretty refreshing. I did a 7 day cleanse which you can find out more about at, http://www.juicetou.com


Alongside the juice I was brewing fresh ginger, mint, lemon and lime tea and drinking plenty of water. The combination of the juice, keeping hydrated and being conscientious about my diet made my skin fresh, vibrant and feel smooth. It has also positively impacted on my energy levels, at a time a year that is always a struggle. Staying motivated and energised can be an up hill struggle whilst the rain pours down and the sun comes and goes within a few hours. So I was definitely keen to try something new, which might help support my energy levels, making me more productive at a time a year where my bed and warm duvet is constantly calling my name. Give it a go for yourself and feel the benefits.

To find out more head over to, www.juicetou.com


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