Distinct Clothing~Stirring things up in the Men’s Fashion industry

Distinct Clothing is challenging other well known brands out there at the moment with their clean and dynamic brand. They have an advantage over ‘other brands’, because they are working closely with their products and ensuring the quality and vision of their clothing is tip top.


The Distinct brand logo is clean and sleek and comfortably compares to ‘other brands’ which will cost you three times the amount. Unfortunately ‘other brands’ don’t seem to be able to offer any more quality even though you have probably separated with a weeks worth of wages. So, times have changed, I want unique and quality at prices that wont require me to remortgage my property just to have a slice of luxury. On the other hand I don’t want clothing that has created more times than my calculator can even cope with. But people say ‘yeah but it’s cheap and cheerful’. NO! No its not is just cheap and everyone down my street is wearing the same T-shirts and probably lounging around in the same boxers. Neither of these are for me. Rant over!


As we have mentioned in other blogs, it is great to know what little gems are available out there and better more, it’s great to know that you can spend your money with them and that will actually impact on that business.

Get out of the supermarkets and the huge clothing chains and start snooping around in the back streets (take this advice with caution, don’t look too shifty whilst you are snooping around your back streets) and explore the internet for those interesting, creative and exciting new brands. Distinct Clothing is certainly holding their own with their strong brand and quality products. The artwork is not garish or cheap. The design on my T-shirt is well positioned on the top side of the T-shirt which I personally like because it makes a nice statement without staring someone in the face.


The material of the T-Shirt I have feels great to the touch, probably because it is 100% combed and ring-spun cotton and the fit matches perfectly to the size I ordered. It is light weight and has a great fit all over. Having washed the T-shirt once I noticed a tiny bit of shrinkage but quite frankly nothing to write home about. Most clothing items do fade a little or retract slightly, so I wasn’t too fussed. I was really satisfied to see the logo hadn’t cracked or gained imperfections after the washing stage, which I have experienced before with some very expensive pieces of clothing.

Check out their Feather Script Distinct Fitted T-Shirt which is a brand new release this January 2016. It is a really fair price and from seeing it on the website it looks clean and bold.

So I am now at the stage where I rest my case… Distinct Clothing offer everything those ‘other brands’ can and to be honest more, because I can get a unique piece of clothing for a really fair price. So this means I can buy quality clothing, I really like, and still have a bit of cash left in my wallet. Or I can buy two items…even better. Plus we love supporting exciting, new up and coming brands that work hard and provide great brands and products.

We can’t wait to see Distinct Clothing stir things up in the Men’s Fashion! Be sure to give @DistinctClothUK a follow and check out http://www.DistinctClothing.co.uk awesome clothing brand…. I have 🙂

Thank you to Distinct Clothing for providing us with a free product to use in Matt & Co’s blog.

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