The Juice Premium

I have a new love lined up for summer 2016 when the weather transitions from, well… how do I put this, not very nice! To what I hope will be beautifully warm flowery loveliness. I can picture myself now in a lovely part of Dorset sat in the fields next to my push bike, reading my book and drinking what I can only describe as deliciously honest fruity juice- ness.

‘The Juice’ very kindly sent us three of their juice boxes which I absolutely love, especially Chokeberry and Apple. The packaging suits their brand perfectly and really captures their artisan routes.

What’s not to love about a lovely box full of stunning full flavoured fruitiness equip with a little tap. For me, having a juice box with a tap would totally sell me an idea. It excitably shouts out – party, get together, country side lazy day (with bunting and hay bales, nothing less!) or family BBQ. Somehow this is the perfect packaging for creating a romanticised backdrop for any creative get together. I don’t know how it does but lets just agree that for one reason or another it does….

We had three different flavoured juices, Strawberry and Apple (yum) , Chokeberry and Apple (love this!) and last but definitely not least Pear and Apple (MMmmm). Ok, hush hush, you have juice envy…I get it! But you don’t need to, hell no…you to can have boxes with little pixie taps which are bursting with excitement and fruity goodness. Each box is packed with flavour and great with a balanced diet. You can tell the ingredients are decent…no messing, try it! I know I’m blogging but I’m not blagging on this point. Juice tastes like juice, right? Wrong! You need to try some to realise the velvety texture, sweet but not sugary taste and the fresh smell are attributes that you don’t get from concentrated juices.

Why pick The Juice

Pour your juice over your ice cubes, sit back, smell the juice like it’s a fine wine and take pride in the fact that if you have two glasses a day you will be getting 2 of your 5 a day – fruit and veg. Easy and yummy. Just be careful with the tap, if you are accident prone like me and challenged when it comes down to coordination, just make sure your drinking glass is lined up with the tap before you hastily press the tap. Better yet just pour in straight into your mouth then you don’t need to worry about missing your glass (we’re open minded here).

The Juice

In the name of a healthy life style and sharing of healthy tips…why not try squatting whilst drinking your juice each morning, because squats ensure your brain get involved, whilst your juice will fill your little body with vitamins and nutrients helping your energy levels and metabolism. But don’t blame me if I sit out on this coordination required task, squatting whilst dripping in juice will at best get me odd looks and at worst get me arrested.

I believe you ‘The Juice!’ … I can taste the fact that there is ‘Just Fruits, and Nothing More’ in your products, my tummy and taste buds tell me so.


Will you have a summer romance with ‘The Juice’ this year?

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