Blossoming Gifts~Another success

We have been very fortunate to receive another wonderful box of loveliness from the fabulous Blossoming Gifts ( Our postman has changed since our last delivery so this bouquet was delivered with a nice smile (makes all the different)…perhaps our old grumpy postman got put on storeroom duties away from the public…

The bouquet was delivered in the trusted packaging that Blossoming Gifts use. The huge box looked after each stem and petal like the delivery was a mission to the moon. It was great to receive the box again and to open it all up to reveal the bouquet. This is an activity that will never become boring or a chore. It certainly brings out the child in me, but I suppose this isn’t such a challenge…nevertheless it is a magical moment… like a jack in the box popping up and saying hello to the world.  We are still very impressed with the speedy delivery Blossoming Gifts offer which means you can rely on them to meet you personal deadlines this year.

So lets get down to business, Blossoming gifts describe their beautiful Red Rose & Freesia Bouquet as heavenly scented and they most certainly must be, because our resident Jack Russell has her nosy little beak squished into them on a regular basis. And oh my goodness she has an acquired taste so this bouquet certain must be very smellilicious.


We are very impressed with the arrangement, colours or scent. We put the bouquet in a large glass vase in our fire place and it has stood tall and bright for well over 10 days. It has delivered us wonderful colour and shape for the whole time.

The bonny bouquet is an all singing all dancing presentation of lilac freesias and classic red roses with eucalyptus foliage. The freesias provide a beautiful canvas of purples and lilacs. image4The eucalyptus leaves compliment the red roses a treat with both colour and texture. And as for the roses…they are bold and stunning and absolutely perfect for this Valentines Day. If you want to add creativity to the traditional bouquet of roses to impress your other half then this is definitely the bouquet to choose.


This bonny bouquet of vibrant reds roses, feminine lilac freesia and confident image1flashes of green eucalyptus will give your other half butterflies, your room a  magical touch and your pet something new to investigate and sniff ….everyone’s a winner. The bouquet is a brilliant price and you will often see Blossoming Gifts offering kind discounts and generous promo codes….even better!

Make a friend with Blossoming Gifts this Valentines and put a smile on a special persons little face. To see the bouquet we received visit:



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