CHJGD ~Premium Luxury Li-Polymer Power Bank

Picture this…you are out and about (minding your own business, going about your day, skipping with every step and smiling at strangers!) but your phone has just one bar of battery left and you’re expecting a life changing call…Arrrgghh. What do you do? I can think of a few things, the first being breaking down in tears, the second approaching complete strangers and asking for assistance or thirdly making an REVERSE call to everyone in your phone book to update them on your battery status…Well hell know, I would not be seen doing any of this stuff…well I might break into a slight sweat ( I’m only human, don’t judge!).

Ask yourself, how many times has this happen to you, where your battery is thirsty and you have not been a good owner and given it a drink. I can put my hand up and report that my battery almost permanently lives on the brink of death. Why do we do this to our little communication friends. They look after us and keep us connected to the whole world and we treat them like this…Tut tut. That battery needs to stay charged after all, it is important to keep checking twitter to see whether I’m trending yet (it’s not happened yet, but it is only a matter of time, #unrealisticexpectations!)

Between you and me there is a nifty little product out there that is not unrealistic and as for expectations, well it has exceeded them. CHJGD offer a beautiful premium portable charger which has been designed with complete conviction and crafted by the eye of a perfectionist. Every detail has been addressed down to the engraving on the sleek  petite chrome bar. Your’ll recognise quality when you see it, you know what I mean? I will always argue the important relationship between the weight of a product and quality . This portable charger is an example of ‘getting it right.’ It is the perfect weight to carry around with you whilst still feeling well built and sturdy. The charger is sophisticated and confidently sells itself merely through its presentation and beautiful packaging. This is one of those items that you want to place carefully back into its packaging, because it wants you to care. The balance between the silver and red rose is harmonious as is the velvet and metal textures.

So no more phone rejection, and no more threats from my phone that it will contact the equivalent of the NSPCC claiming I am mistreating it… because I have been taught a lesson about quality and efficiency by this portable power bank by  CHJGD. Treat your phone well people…keep it charged…


Included with the charger is a mini USB and a lightning iPhone cable connector (even the charger is fancy and gold… love it!) and the charger itself is powered by a Li Polymer Battery. It is straight forward to charge the 8000mAh Portable charger. Plug the charger straight in to your phone, no fuss, no hassle. And you are in safe hands because the power bank  is equipped with over-charged, over-discharged, over-voltage, over-current short-circuit protection meaning your phone will charge but won’t end up bursting into flames making you look like a slightly crazy arsonist with burnt eyebrows…Not a good look!

“But I can buy one of these chargy things from China for 10p and they will deliver it to me in the next two months”…I hear you say….well…you can of course buy a chargy thing from Asia and take it to a festival, or day out, but why buy a power bank that feels like it could self combust in your hands or fall to pieces in your bag. Instead invest in a quality charger that looks sleek,  is water-repellent with stain-resistant properties, that won’t destroy  your phone or blow up in your hands like some magic trick that won’t result in laughter.  We are certainly impressed by the presentation but on a practical note it charged my phone fully on numerous occasions before I needed to give it a well deserved charge. Thumbs up from us!


Anyway after digging deep into my handbag and rummaging about to find the trusted and beautiful portable charger, the vital information that my bessie mate needed to desperately share simply boils down to whether she should wear black or red on her massive night out on Friday. And there was me thinking she needed to have a proper juicy vent!  Now that I have this portable charger the only problems I have are my  friends  wardrobe dilemmas. I say, stay in and put on your PJs…and order a super smart Portable charger from

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