It’s been a massive three months since we published our last blog post ‘Blossoming Gifts- Another Success’ and the term ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ isn’t too far from the truth. Time certainly has flown by but it’s not always been because we’ve been having fun. But,  that’s what happens when you change jobs, move house and relocate… and lets not forget, the relentless task of trying to keep a Jack Russell entertained (#full time job!)

We have been building walls and welcoming new arrivals… Well we have missed you! and being pulled away from tickWP_20160310_14_57_40_Proling the keyboard with our endless thoughts and blogging ideas has been a real shame. However, we have (mostly) decorated our new home, just a few things left to do, leaving us with a bit of sanity and time to focus on all of those ‘back burning’ projects.

Lola the dog in residence has settled in and found her own ‘way’ in our new home. Well, if we are honest she has taken our home and made it her own…basically we lodge with her and are unfortunate enough to be responsible for ALL of the bills.

Having ventured out into our new town to explore the beautiful countryside with our paint stained hair and clothes and bewildered eyes we are pleased to be back participating with the rest of civilised society after what can only be described as going through the turmoil of decorating  isolation.

Anyway we look forward to having fun, healthy discussion and sharing our hearty blogging. But for now best wishes and we will…

thumbs up

See you later x

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