ishga: Organic Scottish Seaweed Skincare

There comes a time in life when you just want everyday to be a spa day…. no glitter balls, no fluorescent blue cocktails. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t turned my back completely on the odd party but they are less appealing when compared with the idea of indulging yourself in beautiful spa products and treatments.

Let me paint an dreamy picture of my ideal spa experience (close your eye boys and girls and take this in)…beautiful refreshing aromas, organic ingredients, soothing background devonshire-dome-1music, perfect light levels (I won’t bore you with the specifics here!), soft towels, a lavender candle on the go and perhaps a eucalyptus plant in the corner on lovely little table…not forgetting the softly spoken spa therapist! These are the dreamy visions gliding through my mind when I need rescuing from the broken down car, utility bills and the ‘additional’ tasks and demands piling up at work.

Ok, so I’m home by this point and I’ve looked at all the treatments on offer at the local spa and I’m totally bogged down with crazy eyes and my motivation levels have diminished even further. By now the husband has retreated upstairs out of the way with the dog, both hiding in the man den.

The best thing you can do in this situation is retreat to the bathroom (arguably taking it over) , start lighting candles like you are on a mission to build a massive shrine. Next, have a rummage through your cabinets for those lovely ishga products. Press play on your Thai relaxation music. The next few hours will be about taking a step back, taking a deep breath, and unwinding. And with help from ishga you will feel loved, refreshed and revitalised.


Hello men *waves in a kooky way*…you too can have a slice of this relaxation session because ishga have a  fantastic range for you to! At the end of the day whether you are male or female it is important to step away from life’s little dramas and relax! – it’s time to embrace a little mindfulness.

It would seem to me that ishga’s ‘approach’ sits hand in hand with taking care of your outside which contribute towards taking care for your inside. Basically the two sit hand in hand like sweet and sour, or gin and tonic.

You might be wondering what ishga actually is? well it derives from the Gaelic word for water which I think is beautiful and ishga are producers of Organic Scottish Seaweed Skincare collections. ishga are producing some of the finest seaweed products on the market which I have been trying over the last few months and have seen benefits to my skin’s health as well as my inner soul.


The design of the products and packaging is clean and restful with its energetic turquoise and caring purple which takes care of your eyes, the subtle and fresh scents take care of your nose, the bottles and pots feel great to hold and touch. The products are honest and reflect their organic processes. Head over to their website and they will tell you all about how they do ‘it’. There is nothing better than a bit of transparency, honesty and some beautiful photography…which you will certainly find.


After using the cleansing lotion my skin has felt refreshed and smooth, leaving no greasy residue that you might find with some other cleansing lotions. I love the Hebridean Marine Toner not just because it feels fantastic and light on my skin but also because it’s a spray (I have to be honest, I probably spray way too much but I can’t resist) and contains beautiful ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Mandarin Red Essential Oil. ishga suggest applying it with cotton wool but I spritz the toner directly onto my face (I’m an animal I know) and then sweep it with cotton wool.

My husband and I have both been using the invigorating body oil with sustainably sourced Scottish seaweed and lemon grass. I prefer to unscrew to pump so I can pour it directly into my palm and then apply it to my skin. The oil goes into the skin really well making it feel firmer and more moisturised. It doesn’t leave that feeling of oil build up on the skin making it tricky when getting dressed which I believe to be particularly impressive. isgha’s Men’s beard and shave oil containing lemon rind has the same quality and fresh scented oil but is slightly lighter than the invigorating body oil. My husband has expressed that it doesn’t leave your skin feeling overwhelmed in product which is something he really dislikes and will often then steer completely away from. The skin absorbs the oil and appears to appreciates the quality of the products.


I have found the products to be more than just a toner or cleansing lotion, they have been the an opportunity to unwind, press the pause button and take a deep breath. All of the products I have been applying have a beautiful subtle scents matching those stunning aromas that you might find at the spa.

Because ishga are passionate about the ingredients and the harvesting processes it has helped me to relax and unwind that little bit more because I know my skin is safe and truly benefiting from the amazing therapeutic properties.

Anyway I must go because my bath is filling up nicely and I intend on having a relaxing, eb68b115cc8c609c6ea8fd17b72f4d62bubbly and lovely soak followed by my ishga routine, can’t wait! I will be using ishga’s Anti-oxidant Marine Cream before bed which has been a pleasure to use and has my face really fresh and moisturised even by the morning.

I recon ishga could enhance your skin so definitely pop by and see for yourself.

Ishga your way to beautiful your skin…




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