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Ahhh no, did someone say shopping?….oh goodness, I’m heading for the hills, finding a tree, climbing it and hiding up there for as long as it takes to ride out this shopping storm. Or easier I’ll hide under the bed like you do when you have unwanted guests turning up without an invitation standing at your front door leaning on the buzzer. I would rather vacuum my house, wash my hyperactive dog and clean the windows with only one piece of cotton wool. Going shopping for our family is a task that I don’t get any pleasure from whereas as, the other half rather enjoys doing the equivalent of a marathon by scooting up and down every aisle,  taking in every brand and every price, if we are particularly lucky that day we might even compare and contrast the weights of different products which we have absolutely no intentions of purchasing errhhh.

Grab products from the shelves, put them in the trolley, take them from the trolley, put them on the checkout, take them off the check out, put the products in your bags, take your bags to the car, lift them out of the car and take them inside, then unpack… I have near enough no idea how people enjoy this process…it’s testing. And don’t even get me going on bags splitting, eggs breaking, but the thing to challenge me the most is someone eating their way through the shopping whilst it is being unpacked… I’m like geee can we just admire the cupboards being full for just five minutes before you start blitzing through it all.

I’m looking all over for ways of making this task (which quite frankly will repeat and repeat until I decide not to eat…not happening) less relentless, perhaps even *forces the words out* fun, like for instance the trolley coins which clip onto your purse or the….arrhhh ok, there isn’t anything else is there!

Then one day I saw a cute smiley little family skipping across the car park on a hot sunny day pushing a trolley having been shopping with what looked like the perfect strategy to deal with the task of the weekly shop. There were no moody, mardy or cross faces, in fact they were all still talking to one another! Their trolley appeared to have several material bags which were lined up in their trolley each containing certain food groups. I was in ore at this stage and muttered the word “oh my goodness, I have to get some of those”. Well, when the bags were lifted out of the trolley with complete ease and order, I was quite frankly sent into having a meltdown! And I continued to jabber the words “I need” all the way home. These bags looked like they really helped to organised and manage what I call the second half of the shopping trip.

Zmgtk4ym.jpg large

As you can imagine, I was thrilled when I heard we would be fortunate enough to get our hands on some Trolley Bags to review. We planned our shopping trip where we would use our Trolley Bags which is unheard of…we never plan a shopping trip, it just sort of happens. So already they bags had helped to positively shape our shopping experience. By the time we had started shopping the bags had been hung neatly at the front of the trolley which didn’t create any issues such as getting in the way of being knocked off the trolley. I think we even felt a little smug that we have been clever enough and organised enough to have such a nifty strategy in place. We were travelling around the shop showing our bags off to all those shoppers that would be trapped paying 5p for their bags…bad luck shoppers! if only you had been as forward thinking as us with our bags.

After spent 40 minutes shopping, probably 20 minutes of that just showing off our bags! Once our smugness drew to a close we glided our way towards the check out with our full trolley. We loaded our shopping onto the belt and happily popped out the bags lined them all up inside the trolley, spreading them out so we could put our items in each bag which made life that little more hassle free. The bags are all colour coded and are used for the different food groups, for instance, the freezer. Instead of doing the usual grabbing and fumbling for the items that you want to put in your bag you can reach for any item and simply put it in the bag/section that it belongs to because they are all open wide and accessible at one time. This useful setup really helped this part of the trip go so much faster and you know what food is going where.

Once we had left the shop all that was left to do was lift the bags into the car… with genuinely happy faces, again feeling a tad smug at those trudging past us with unorganised supermarket bags…bad times!

x5UdRCv1.jpg large

The bags stayed stood up in the boot, even with the 500 roundabouts we pass to get home…miracle. This obviously meant we didn’t have to repack our shopping before we could take it in doors.

sZWiUYyI.jpg large

Now, we did go a little wild, and ‘let our hair down’ and purchased half the shop meaning the bags were probably put the test in regards to the weight they had to put up with. But they did exactly that, the bags managed completely, no tears or fraying. The material they’re made from feel strong and resilient. The handles are fixed really well after several uses are still fully intact. We have no concerns about them lasting us years and saving us heaps of time and effort. The colours and really fun and vibrant and after a shopping trip which are often really dull it’s great to see the bright coloured bags and have them help organise and manage our shop. Completely hassle free…

🙂 Get your own at….


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