Hello happy campers: Personalised Luggage

Keala is definitely going on holiday with her bright, beautiful, brilliant, bonanza, best friend of a suitcase as soon as possible! This suitcase is beautifully constructed and just quite frankly a wonderful idea. It will for certain make my travels so much more fun!

suitcaseI will look forward to using my suitcase on every occasion possible. All I need now is my credit card to match this level of brilliance and then life would be…well, amazing. For those of you who are out there and have a sweet sense of humour,  or for those of you who like to surround yourself with magical times captured on camera, or you might just want to get a special someone a personalised gift.  If you have answered yes to any of these or just want a mighty fine suitcase with something random on it, then you will love personalised luggage. With six different sizes to choose from and the world quite literally being your oyster when with all those design choices. You will be in a hand clapping, snorting, bouncing up an down on your office chair, giggling state….come on, i’m surely not the only one who does this sort of thing?

Beyond being a great idea the cases are of a high quality, durable and light weight. arrowdeManoeuvrability is fantastic with the 360 wheels. Whether you are in a flap, spinning and turning or you know exactly where you are going this suitcase will happily glide around with you wherever you go. There are adjustable handles on the top complete with grab handles on the top and side. The suitcase has a polycarbonate shell and both looks and feels robust and flexible. You need not threat now when you see your suitcase being launched across the run way by airport staff followed by seeing it being wheeled towards your plane with about 30 tones of luggage slung on top of it…that’s right no need to sweat…well maybe just a little. Another feature that really bumps this product into cloud 9 is the locking feature on the side of the case because it has a TSA lock which allows your luggage to be unlocked and inspected by security authorities without damage…I mean really…this case has it all, fun, safety, manoeuvrability, it’s light weight and its singing on the top of its voice “im soooo god damn good!”

When we opened the suitcase for the fist time we could see immediately it would match inside2my love for keeping everything in good order and not falling from one end of the case to the other. With sturdy straps and zipped pockets you will not need to spend your whole holiday mending and organising the belongings that have been shaken up more times than the cocktail you are dreaming of having whilst on a beach in Thailand.

What’s more fun, is you can now laugh directly in the faces of all those drowsy travellers with navy blue and black suit cases going round and round on the carousel like a child at the fun fair ride. As I see my colourful suitcase with my huge face on it I will know exactly that it belongs to, ME *giggles with pure amusement*.


Unlike other cases which I have investigated that seem all skirt and no knickers, Personalised Luggage definitely seem to be wearing a beautiful polka dot skirt and the biggest knickers EVER. We are very excited about this product and are thrilled to have our suitcase provided by Personalised Luggage. The case was delivered quickly in a large box with a large bag to keep your travel budding safe from scratches and scuffs.

If you visit www.personalisedluggage.com you will find a fun and visual site that will help you explore all luggage sizes as well as actually being able to select images and seeing them applied to the case so you can decide on which ideas best  suit you. You have both 2D and 3D models of the case so you can get a really good look before you make that final purchase. The site is straight forward and you don’t need a degree in computer programming or physics just a selection of images on your computer/ ipad/ phone and a holiday booked so you can hit the road once your case has been delivered.


Nothing more, nothing less…

Have fun designing and see you in marvellous Mauritius!





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