Great White Surf

We were recently contacted by someone who has been following our blog to ask if we could recommend any good quality clothing brands that are establishing in the UK. We jumped at the chance…this is what we are all about we love linking interesting and great products to you guys looking for originality and quality.

We had a few suggestions, one specially was a very exciting label named ‘Great White Surf’. These guys are based in Devon and are really passionate about their new collections of garment designs. We are very confident they will please the masses because the quality of the products they sent us were of such a high standard it would be hard to match it against pretty all of my other t-shirts and vest tops I currently own. We believe this to be down to thickness of the material, perfect stitching and the tailoring of the tops themselves.


The designs on the garments are flawless and since being washed several times we have been unable to see any imperfections emerging. They have remained sleek and crisp which unfortunately is something you don’t always get when buying clothing with design work on them. And if you are thinking what I am thinking, it’s definitely not too much to ask when wanting your clothing to be in a descent condition after its first wash…surely? All round the garments are of a brilliant quality.

They have got off to a great start with collections for men, women and kids all at great prices. After all summer is technically on its way so whether you have plans to go abroad or stay in the UK you will definitely fit the bill after you have visited Great White Surf’s site. And now we have got what we are going to wear sorted we just need to work on the weather a little…I shall delegate that one to you!

Matt & Co got together with Great White Surf and had a good chat about how their designs are inspired by really wanting to create a high quality brand that represents the environment and the surfing community. It is definitely worth having a browse on their website where you can find out more about their journey and the diverse collections they currently have to buy.  Great White Surf pride themselves on designing and producing all of their own designs and are extremely exciting to reach out to the masses and share their passion for everything surf. We could really sense the passion and drive that the guys have and we wish them all the luck in the world…


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  1. Thanks for the blog Matt I’m glad you can see our passion. Don’t forget to use Matts exclusive code matt10 to get you 10% off any sales at great white surf

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