No Blisters or blunders: Kent & Stowe

Good afternoon, its been a few months since our originally Kent & Stowe post but we promised you guys we would get back to you with an update on how those left handed secateurs from Kent and Stowe have performed over the last few months… So here we are.  

We hope you have been pottering around in your gardening gear, pruning, strimming, deadheading (flowers) …showing the neighbours how it’s done!  Ahhhh don’t be so modest!

I feel your pain, blunt blades, blisters from perished handles no one wants to deal with dodgy secateurs, so you might want to invest in some Kent & Stowe tools. Why I hear you ask? Who are Kent & Stowe you say? Well we have to answer to both of your questions.

Firstly, Kent & Stowe offers high quality garden tools in stainless and carbon steel, a full range of top-end cutting tools. To find out more you can peruse through our previous blog we wrote in December 2015 and visit

And here comes the why…Well we can definitely confirm the secateurs have been heavily used by our very own Edward Scissor hands meets the friendly green giant. We have received some fantastic feedback so wanted to share it with you.  For the purposes of this blog we will refer to our guest product tester as Frodo.

So Frodo has been using the secateurs most days since the original blog back in December 2015 and has reported to have set the bar high with cutting material well over the recommended size and they have remained in very good working condition. The quick release latch is still efficient, if only slightly looser after all the vigorous usage.

As you can see they are pretty much as good as new!

Another brilliant finding is how the handles have not de-gloved which is normally a really common downfall with many secateur brands and what’s best is they have no signs of perishing either ten out of ten! They have continued to be comfortable to hold and use on a day to day basis.

Say good bye to dodge secateurs and blisters people!




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