A fentimans evening will always be a winner in my home because it’s a happy, natural and sophisticated drink that looks great either in the bottle or in a glass with fruit and cubes. It has a quality taste that makes you want to have one beverage after another.


Fentimans botanical brewed beverages are perfect for an evening in where you just want to kick back and enjoy the finer things in life or if you are going on a picnic with the family and need a delicious trick up your sleeve.

I personally love the artisan style of the bottles, labelling and the website is fun and very pictorial. It helps set the scene for what it a great vintage product with bags of style and sophistication. The drinks are just the right level of fizziness, you won’t need to cough and choke after every mouth full of Fentimans. The flavours are lovely and unique and the flavour combinations Fentimans offer are splendid, ranging from Wild English Elderflower (my favourite), as is Rose Lemonade, to Curiosity Cola! According to The Guardian, it is the world’s best cola….I say fill your boots and your bellies with Fentimans.


The Rose Lemonade, in particular, has a beautiful scent, you can really taste the delicious and pure rose oil which makes it a real winner for me. I love the shade of vintage pink and believe it would look amazing at a wedding reception or garden tea party!

It seems a real shame and disappointment not to keep one or two of the bottles because they are a great shape and the branding is fun with years of class and telling wonderful stories.


I reckon the glass bottles would look great used as candle holders or a vase for a few flower stems #upcycle

I can’t wait until my next picnic where I can pull out the wicker hamper, roll out the picnic blanket and pack a stunning range of Fentimans beverages which are full of fun, class and tasty joy.


Skip over to and indulge yourself in their wonderful history…


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