Freez Peaz

When I was younger we used to have a gel mask, it was a kind of sky blue colour, left in the freezer for what felt like a decade, it would come out for the odd headache or sting but when you retrieved it from the freezer it would be all crushed and folded up creating sharp corners. Apart from the odd day or two where it saw sunlight it was pretty much redundant…mainly because it was totally unhelpful.  I remember it defrosting all over your hands and soaking your clothing, and you would be thinking…how is this helping the situation? After approximately 10 minutes it needed to go back into the freezer for a further 24 hours….Arrhhhh!

Freez Peaz doesn’t look a million miles away from the gel eye masks that was once festering in my freezer but it feels and performs on a completely different level. The small green soft beads which are contained by a squidgy pouch have completely transformed the gel mask into a must have item. Unfortunately I have the balance of a nat and as much ability to see hazards as a wombat…  *disaster*  so Freez Peaz will definitely be coming to my rescue for all  my future incidents.

On top of having a bad back I also had a large bruise on my leg and the two injuries benefited from the use of Freez Peaz which was used for its cold therapy. The pack freezes really quickly which is a great feature. I was expecting to freeze it over night but when I read through the instructions I was really impressed by how quickly the product freezes. I haven’t yet used the heat therapy but I am really chuffed to see that I could benefit from the hot and cold therapy in this one handy product.

Having got the Freez Peaz out of the freezer for the first time I gritted my teeth, took a deep breath before applying it to my skin. I was super surprised and realised that although the pack was obviously cold it wasn’t devastating to put onto my skin. I don’t know whether this is down to the material of the pack but it felt completely different (good different) from when I used to put the gel mask on my skin and nearly screamed with shock.


The pack is made out of a very soft and squidgy material and is really comfortable to attach to you body. There are no sharp edges or corners to dig into your skin. The pack has a Velcro band which can be fasten to your body, preventing you from needing to hold onto it, allowing you to get on with your day.

In the past I would have thought no way to using a leaking gel mask, no to defrosting my broccoli or chips, and definitely winced at having to buy eitstock-illustration-81912533-thermometer-iconher sprays or one use instant cooling packs. Now I have a Freez Peaz I don’t have to think about wrapping up peas in a tea towel. What I love specifically is that I can reuse my Freez Peaz again and again, I can decide whether I would I benefit from hot or cold therapy and sort it out in a matter of minutes, the product is non toxic and thank goodness it doesn’t leak!

The Freez Peaz website ( is fantastic, offering advice on the product and then further advice on how long to use it for and the benefits of using either hot or cold therapy. You can also purchase your Freez Peaz from the site and also get social with them if you have any questions.

Great product!

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