Boiga London~ Bold & Proud Menswear

Big, bold and beautiful!… This is how we are describing Boiga London … ah, what the hell let’s throw in the term unique as well, because we haven’t seen many menswear companies that are as confident than these rainbow wrapped fellas.


And who doesn’t love it when every product has its own individual name? …well we definitely love it!


Boiga London is an ethical menswear company for the bold and Proud! From dapper dinner date to a sleepy Sunday afternoon Boiga London will dress you in personality head to toe. The company prides itself on offering men equally colourful and stylish opportunities which women’s wear seem to have in abundance. It’s great to have a contender on the fashion market flying the confidence flag for men and offering the same attention to detail and strong identity.

Boiga London was very generous in sending us a range of shirts, t-shirts and jeans to review. Unfortunately, we have kept them waiting and waiting for our review due to many life dramas which we won’t bore you with. However, it has on the flip side enabled us to see the clothing brand new and crisp just after delivery all the way through to the condition after the 50th wash and iron. What’s great to report back is that the quality hasn’t declined over this time. The prints still look fresh and the dye in the denim jeans is still present and correct. I mean, we have become accustomed to expecting a different looking pair of jeans to the ones we purchased with every wash whether it’s the first or tenth the majority of dye just seems to run off into the fruitful drains… so it’s reassuring I suppose to know that someone has been able to crack this 1st world problem.


We loved the print of the floral shirt called ‘Messenger’ and are really impressed that the prints are all are hand drawn by actual human beings…. I mean wow! What a great selling point. The fabric is 100% cotton and is great to wash, it has that ‘quality’ feel and fits…as they say ‘like a glove’. Another striking and unique piece is the ‘Wild Flower’ t-shirt that would mix up any outfit and create another strong look. The quality of the t-shirt material is top nosh and the fit, even better!…much like the shirt these are garments that bounce back from your rigorous laundry routines. ‘Grub Club’ is also great and offers you a fun and bold look on any Sunday afternoon with the in-laws.


For those of you who love a bowtie…that’s everyone right?!…the range that Boiga London boost is ridiculously fun and varied… Thank goodness there is never a time when you need to have an excuse to wear the bowtie, because Boiga London has a print and design for not only every day of the week but I reckon every day of the month and what’s even better is they are pre-tied to save you from putting £ after £ into your no swearing jar. We challenge you Boiga London to produce 365 different prints for all the dapper men out there never need to be seen in the same bowtie more than once a year.

On this final note, it is vital that we point out that all Boiga London’s products are Fair Trade, 100% ethically sourced and sustainably made. It’s great to add another creative, unique and sustainable company to our blog site!

To see why we are raving over Boiga London’s perfect prints and bold bowties click:

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Get loud and proud fellas!

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