Multy by Ninnananna~ Versatile and super useful

When it comes down to putting together a flat pack item it would be correct to say I shy away from the job for as long as I possibly can. Missing screws, warped panels and damages parts- no one wants to get to the last stages of a build to find the vital part has been swallowed up and spat out by a machine in the factory. So it wouldn’t be unreasonable to imagine that I had reservations about making the Multi crib. I had a sneak peek at the pieces but then had a meltdown and put it all away.cycfnlgweaa0ryh-jpg-large Having planned the day of the epic crib build and scribbled it in my diary it has to be said that on the day in question I felt like I was being summoned. However, this was a task that needed doing and looking at the bright side it would be for a very special reason and little person.

So hey! We laid the parts out- focussing only on the first few pages of the instructions to avoid feeling wide-eyed and shell-shocked.

It was clear from a very early stage that most of the work had been done for us before this savvy crib landed with us…Thank goodness! and thank you Ninnananna. Each packet of screws and dowels labelled and marked clearly in line with the instructions. Whilst we stuck firmly to our plan of action and refrained from looking too far ahead in the instructions we began to chatter about the amazing quality of the crib.

The parts made of solid wood, flawless quality, easy assembly, and each individual part slotted together like a flat pack dream. No scratches, no dents or dinks…just high quality from beginning to end   🙂


It is absolutely great to know that the quality of the Multi crib is to a high standard as it will house our sleeping baby. Not only does the crib feel sturdy and well made to the touch it also looks solid and safe. Its shape is elegant and perfect for any little. I love the softly shaped angles and the dimensions of the crib. It fits into our babies room and fits in really well with other furniture and items. img_19731The crib is a manageable weight which means it can be moved around your home depending on your changing circumstances. The crib can tilt to support your babies needs, assist sleep and help reduce colic and reflux.  The crib is perfect if you have a little girl or boy on the way!

Now moving onto the genius part of the story- the Multi hasn’t been named the Multi for any other reason than for its innovation and shapeshifting powers! As your baby grows so does the Multy…WOW

I find it very painful to dispose of perfectly decent furniture just because it is no longer required but with the Multi crib, you can soon have the high chair that you were planning on acquiring because your little bundle of joy has made their next step. And when they no longer need the high chair… that’s right…you can adapt it straight into a treasure chest of toys and games using the fabric panels supplied.

I know I know, you are right…it doesn’t shapeshift into your child’s first Nissan Micra but with a little imagination what could you create with the wood once you no longer require the storage unit? Lets face it you and I have a long time to plan this project as the Multi will be working hard for us for a number of years.

This little gem really does become part of the family and grows and adapts to different situations probably better than our family to be will be able to do eeekk!

It is a pleasure to have welcomed the Multi into our growing family home and we look forward to having our little Multi by our side over the coming years.

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