Dial Watches

Dial X by dialwatches.com is a timeless and beautifully crafted watch which has been designed by a talented artist. The clues to this watches quality can be found in the delicate drop shadows created by the paper cutting influenced butterfly on the watch face and the fine detail of the magical branches that frame the clock like you are on an adventure through the woodland. The website describes the design influences as whimsical and unique. Both these terms I feel perfectly capture the atmosphere of this product.

Sarah Dennis’ design has encapsulated her traditional paper cutting techniques to create a design that is intricate but not overly fussy! This is a clever and very difficult balance to achieve, yet it has been met perfectly in this watch.

The outer casing is a muted rose gold which contrasts with the rich blue of the watch face and strap in a perfect way. Although rose gold appears to be ‘in’ at the moment I have no concerns that when the phase is over this watch will still stand out from the crowd.  The watch comes with two different coloured leather straps both handmade and very soft on your wrist when being worn. The overall watch sits really nicely on the wrist and has a good weight that suggests quality but in the same breath it doesn’t rely on you have the world’s strongest wrists which some watches on the market seem to require. I have had watches in the past that barely fit under a shirt or jumper cuff which for one reason or another has been a point of annoyance for me. However, this watch works in tune with your clothing and doesn’t restrict its movement.

The strap has a simple and classic look which allows the craftsmanship of the watch face to take centre stage and shine. Changing the straps over is really simple and allows you to customise and have fun with colours and outfits. The clock itself is a great size on the watch face. You can clearly make out the time which is always a bonus! The design proportions allow the beautiful butterfly and branch detailing to frame the clock which feels like it is telling a magical story. I love the versatility that the watch offers!


I have shown the watch to several different people over the past few months and I have been really pleased with their feedback. I have had many people say they had already looked at it from a distance on my wrist without being prompted which I believe is brilliant feedback which derives from the fact that the design is eye-catching yet extremely timeless and dainty.

From the very first time you unpack and unfold this beautiful watch, you will be thrown into a world of precision and stunning presentation. The branding from the outer boxing down to the engraving on the back of the watch will not disappoint. It is a delight to unwrap each layer of this product to reveal the watch and it is moments like this that help you to slow down and really notice the colours, detailing and care that has gone into the overall feeling and atmosphere of a purchase… and the purchase of a watch from Dial will always be a precious experience and timeless investment. Check out other reviews on the website…




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