In scent Candles

In-Scents Candles
In-Scents produce beautiful fragranced candles that not only burn for many hours but also create a long-lasting scent that goes on a journey around your home, which is wonderful when looking to relax or host an evening with friends and family.
In-Scents candles are ideal gifts for presents and occasions, where you want to give a unique and personalised gift that will leave a smile on that special persons face. Each candle that we were kindly sent were nicely boxed with lids that slide onto the top of the tin each candle is in. The polished silver tin gives luxury appeal.
The candles are a good size and will not leave you in the dark. The products that we were sent have been burnt over many many hours, which is definitely something that I would look for in a candle. It can be terribly disappointing to throw away a beautifully packaged candle and its holder soon after you have lit it, which is why In-Scents have impressed us.
We have found that these candle fragrances have that perfect balance between the scent drifting through your home without being overwhelming. During our time reviewing these candles, we have identified many great characteristics that will tick many boxes with their long-lasting scents, fresh and fruity fragrances, luxury appeal and exceptional burning time.
There are several ranges that have been crafted by In-Scents, some of which have been launched this year. The ranges include In-Celebration, Scents of the Season, and In-the home. The different ranges benefit from 130 years of candle making the experience to their name and with those personal touches make these candles for than just something to burn.

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