My ‘U shaped’ pillow

Pink! Soft! Supportive!

Well, ok the first 2 are the most exciting but the 3rd I tell you has a function that is beyond needed when you are pregnant and beginning to resemble an elephant or just in need of a little more comfort when resting and sleeping.

My ‘U shaped’ pillow has been dragged, squished and doubled over more times than a WWE wrestler and that’s amazing it has always bounced back!


Having wrestled the pillow off my other half and resident Jack Russell who wrongly believed that I was going to share the Oobie Doobie (yep… that is its name… it is now part of the family!) So I reclaimed Oobie Doobie back dragging it up the stairs like I was walking a paralytic friends home.

Since finding it more difficult to sleep I have invested a fair amount of money on the search for a pillow that will help me get some precious sleep and support my back, hips, ribs and so on and on and on and on….

I have hunted and gathered so many pillows that I now pose the biggest fire risk out of anything else in the home.

Unfortunately, the ‘wedge’ pillow has failed to do anything other than being another building block in my pillow tower. As far as the ‘V-shaped’ pillow well I decimated that in about 2 weeks. I’m not sure whether this is something to be proud of or ashamed of.

Ok Ok I know, you are wondering what this has to do with my ‘U shaped’ pillow well… just as I was going to give up on having any sleep or comfort I came across my Oobie Doobie the U shaped pillow (thank goodness) which has stayed lovely and firm. It basically bounces back and remains firm however much you crush it, fold it up or shove it around. I have had so many decent nights sleep since having this pillow that I’ve been able to abandon visions of my sleep crumbling away and completely disappearing until my unborn baby reached about 25 years of age.

Everything about this pillow sings quality- from the fabric which is soft and detachable for the odd freshen up to the fact it bounces back and retains its shape. I love that you can choose the colour of the pillow cover and view the styles online before you buy.


Once the baby bump is here I hope that my rib, hip and back pain subsides, however, I know that our Oobie Doobie – U shaped pillow will remain a member of the family and appreciated in new situations such as support for breastfeeding.

Welcome to the family Oobie Doobie! you will never be abandoned and stuffed into the loft!!! Never…

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