You might get the same disappointed looks from your friends as I did when I sit them down with an excited face, bubbling with enthusiasm. But when the term ‘laundry’ spouted out of my mouth instead of anticipated terms like ‘amazing trip to outer Mongolia’, or ‘lottery winner’ I was literally confronted with an audience that were ready to get up and walk out in protest, which led to a desperate plea that sounded a little like ‘No, wait, please!’ with my hands dancing in the air as if I was trying to prevent myself from drowning in a complete reputation tsunami. Now, I have never delivered the most intriguing conversations and explosive stories but I reckoned I had something here… a real game changer. However, my friends have never found me particularly captivating which was clear as they rolled their eyes over their skinny lattes. But because I had discovered Laundrapp I didn’t care.

I am declaring war on laundry and I stand alongside Laundrapp in this revolutionary fight! Laundrapp is providing us with a fantastic alternative to stay in control of our laundry and dry cleaning without the actual agro of doing it ourselves. But wait… before I lose you to thoughts of sitting on a wooden bench reading the local directory and watching your laundry slosh around – think bigger, think better! In just three swipes of the Laundrapp app, you can have your laundry order completed! Imagine a world where someone comes to you (yep, a real person) to collect your laundry. And get this, they even bring their own bag for your items… you don’t even need to pace the local store for one of those red and blue oversized easily torn bags. Your items will be taken off to the laundry equivalent of Narnia where magical things will happen to your wonderful woollies and precious pinstripes. After all the hard work is done, your items will be delivered back to you. ‘How much is collection and delivery?’ I hear you say. Haha, it’s free, my friend, and you can use their live chat feature if needed.

This means no more earthquake re-enactment as your washing machine reaches its full spin making your wall hangings smash to the ground, and best of all – no more analysing colours. Summer is the perfect time of year to get all your winter clothing and bedding freshened up so you are prepared and smelling sweet for the autumn. Because of Laundrapp I am feeling liberated from my washing machine and happy to have gained extra time in my precious week – as Florence and the Machine sing, ‘Those dog days are over’.

Laundrapp is offering an amazing £15 off your first order on any purchase – use code LAUNDRAPPMATT


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