OXO Sippy Cup

It has to be said that our OXO sippy cup review is long overdue, however, the time it has taken to put together we have been able to put it to the baby test. By allowing my 9-month-old daughter to get hands-on with the cup we have been able to observe her gain independence and learn all about the brilliant and hilarious reality that she has a pair of arms and hands. In light of this revelation, the time seemed perfect to put pen to paper and share our journey with the OXO cup.


So Ava for 6 months exclusively breastfed but quickly transitioned from just breastfeeding to using her OXO sippy cup with the soft spout lid, with water at meal times. Having tried Ava with expressed milk in a non-OXO bottle for several weeks, each time resulting in tears, little red cheeks and upset. I was more than aware of the trials and tribulations we faced with Ava trying her sippy cup. But low and behold this wonderful but sometimes challenging tiny person let us put it to her mouth and off she went sipping water as it was going out of fashion!

I think I’d be naive to think that our sudden success was simply down to the cup but it was probably hand in hand with Ava being at a different stage in her development. Ava appears to have enjoyed learning to hold the cup with each hand gripping the non-slip grip when she uses the cup without the handles mimicking her mummy and daddy.


Bringing you up to date, Ava has transitioned from the soft spout lid to the open trainer’s disk in a slow flow setting. Ava showed signs of moving onto a new challenge so we simply unscrewed the soft spout lid and replaced it with the disk lid. It was a little bit of a shock for her as with the spout lid she liked to lift the cup over her head giggling at the water in the cup. As soon as she did this with the disk lid it poured over her head which was another cause for smiles and laughter!

The durability of the cup has also been put to the test… Ava is constantly throwing her cup across the room and dodging it has pretty much become an athletic sport. Even with her rough play, the cup is in brilliant condition…looking good as new apart from the odd greasy fingerprint and porridge.


The open disk has been a huge factor for us enjoying using the OXO cup because Ava has learnt that this cup goes hand in hand with meal times and enjoying this time with family. The cup really has grown with us and from changing the lids to removing the handles for the non-slip grip. Now Ava’s teeth are revealing themselves it has become even more important for her cup to grow with her to promote healthy teeth and gums.

Once Ava has fully mastered the open disk lid it will be time to remove the lid altogether so she has an open cup. I take a deep breath with this thought as I build myself a raft to weather the flood of food and drink that will be artistically launched all over our kitchen floor.

Thank you OXO for easing our little one through her drinking transitions!


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