The Luxury Leather Baby Bag

Wyn Tote

If there is one thing about pregnancy (especially with the first bundle of joy) it’s got to be, for me, working out how you don’t lose touch with your pre-baby self whilst getting it right on the baby front. What I’m getting at is, the balancing act of, being obsessively organised and prepared, without looking like a bag lady walking the street feeding the pigeons. I spend my day using and abusing my trouser pockets to stuff objects and rubbish in, and to hang toys from. So if Born In Britain could invent an attractive bum bag as amazing as their super sleek and elegant handbag then I would be a chuffed mummy! I would be organised and look as effortless as I do when out and about with my handbag…perhaps.
I have to admit that when my beautiful bag arrived many months before welcoming Ava into the world I may have been guilty of overlooking the practical aspects of this bag.  I was totally absorbed in the gorgeous leather, the beautiful detail like the golden clasps, and quality of the handles and stitching. The olive green and vibrant orange lining ticked all my taste boxes and more!

You know when you pick up a piece of jewellery that looks stunning, and when you hold it in your hand, the weight, the way it feels, all of a sudden the necklace is or isn’t worth the money the shop is asking for it. My point here is, before I lose you, that my olive green gorgeous bag ‘is all skirt and all knickers’. It is to be the best ‘feeling’ bag I’ve ever owned… as I open my wardrobe door and 1000 bags fall out and crush me…It becomes clear that I have graduated the school of bag studies 3 times over.

Ok, so let’s get to the part that really, really demonstrates the genius of this bag…. the remarkable, soft changing mat that elegantly folds out and effortlessly folds away. Whilst your mini-me is practising their escape plan on your knee the ease of putting the mat away is huge.


I love the compartments that organise and secure nappies, baby wipes and bottles. I didn’t use the bottle holders until Ava started drinking water at 6 months as I breastfeed my little milk monster, however, the bottle pockets haven’t escaped with it that easy! Oh no, they have had toys and clothes wedged in them.

I will now conclude with a little more research that I have conducted with other mummies. The feedback I have been given whilst putting my bag to the test has been beautiful and positive. When I whip out the changing mat, well it’s almost like I have shot to the top of the social hierarchy with the oh wow, OMG… and I want one.

And nearly 10 months of bashing, tugging and Ava eating licking the handles, it is still as beautiful as the day it arrived!

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