In Scents

British made candles

It’s been a little while since we have written about in-scents candles. Memories of the beautiful fragrance and lovely gift labels float through my thoughts from last time we indulged in their candles.

Low and behold, they have produced yet another range of British made candles that are L_CITRUS_LIME_MANDARIN_PROD_2_530x@2xrefreshing and beautifully presented. The burning time is amazing, we have been lighting them night after night and when we have guests over the air has been filled with gentle, fresh and long lasting fragrance. The luxury glass and overall presentation are elegant and effortless. The candles look beautiful and decorative in our home in our fireplace. With amazing combinations such as, Citrus Lime & Mandarin, Bergamot, Tangerine & Coconut and Pink Pepper & Patchouli you will be left watering at the mouth and dreaming of faraway lands.

The unboxing experience was lovely with their sleek and quality packaging. These products would delight any person receiving a candle as a  gift. Once more, they would be perfect for any occasion such as an anniversary or birthday and most definitely valentines or Mother’s Day which are both sneaking up on us quickly!

Happy shopping…

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