Personalised parties


Dear Zoo Skittles,

Thank you so much for my beautiful crate that is brilliant and happy.

I love my 8 new pet animals.

Best wishes Ava x


Good day,

Who doesn’t love an elephant, giraffe or a roaring yellow lion?

Ava certainly lit up when she was handed her wooden animals from the ‘Dear Zoos skittles set!’ which is based on Rod Campbell’s board book.


Being a big kid myself who has a love for imaginative children’s wooden toys, I couldn’t dear_zoo_skittles_setwait to receive this particular item. Its stunning packaging drew the whole family into the unboxing of this unique wooden toy. The first details we noticed were the vibrant colours, and quality of the materials and how the red crate has been personalised with an engraving of ‘Ava’ on the front wheel. This detail sends the toy into a whole new world of adorable!


Why play skittles with any old plastic set when you can bring a whole new and playful level to the game? Now that we have a little person onboard to share our adventures with, it’s the attention to detail, such as making a simple game of skittles into a magical storytelling opportunity, a trip to the zoo or a tea party and games with all the animals friends in the set, that is important.

The best thing of all is the quality of the 8 beautifully illustrated animal blocks and the sturdy red crate. The crate houses the animals and wooden ball which can be wheeled around the house on its spinning wheels via the red cord and small hands and tiny feet.


Yep, the Dear Zoo skittle set is very much a toy that will bring the family many hours of fun and laughter. When redundant and resting it has a very proud spot on our family shelves in our living room, ready and waiting for more smiles. Another benefit to the skittles is the promotion of Ava’s hand-eye coordination.

It was no shock for us to see that the skittles have won 2 awards. You can tell that love and respect has gone into creating such a timeless toy bursting with colour and we can’t wait to see Ava play with it time and time again.


Join the zoo by getting your own lovely pet animals and rosy red crate!






2 Comments Add yours

  1. simplyshaiz says:

    I don’t have any children yet but this is such a great gift idea!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Matt & Co says:

      You are completely right simply shaiz. I think I love it just as much as Ava!


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