Dynamic Mega Dishwasher

Dynamic mega – HDP 3DO62DX-80


Picture the scene, a small child of nearly 1 crashing into your ankles in her little walker, a miniature dog ‘the resident Jack Russell’ scouting around your feet, the baby’s feet- anyone’s feet at that matter on the hunt for stray food.IMG_20180212_154913

Bubbles, slopping water, the sound of clanging plates and falling cutlery just about paints you a picture of washing up in our home. I’m exhausted just writing about it. All of this sounds much like a marathon – a sprint not a jog!

Standing in the kitchen with damp sleeves and a moustache made of bubbles, I wonder how I can ease this soggy dilemma.

With thanks to Hoover, their freestanding dynamic mega has provided us with a quiet and efficient companion. Taking the hard work and crockery chaos out of our busy and eventful lives. Life has become significantly easier since this dishwasher arrived and best of all it doesn’t disturb our teething baby when we put the dishwasher on a night cycle, as it has a silent power drive phhewww.

Its amazing capacity of 176 items means there is no need for dirty cups and plates to be waiting on the worktops for the next cycle…Indeed this is quite something!


It’s quite surprising how many items one small family can accumulate throughout the day. Having a rapid wash cycle means we can quickly wash items during the day which are only slightly soiled, and then put on a more heavy duty cycle in the evening. This rapid cycle is also ideal for (certain) children’s plastic toys which require some love and care. There is no need to programme an all singing all dancing cycle in this instance, thus saving time and money.

The dynamic is not partnered with the term ‘mega’ for no reason. The two baskets are large and perfect for flexible family living. This fantastic capacity and range of programmes would suit any family down to the ground. So far the dishwasher has mastered our baking trays, saucepans, baby toys including a large plastic truck (Ava’s favourite). You know a great job has been accomplished when you hold up a glass to the light and admire its clarity and sparkle. And the knife test- holding it up to the light and checking out your silliest face *smirks to self*.

Another point worth highlighting is the start delay of up to 23 hours. This comes into its own when you have a full dishwasher and want to delay it for economy 7 purposes. Alternatively, if you are anything like me, thinking “I’ll programme the dishwasher later” and then shock horror, it never happens, instead you bath baby or put away laundry and hey presto the dishwasher remains smelly and dirty!


Many people remain in the mindset that cleanliness can only be achieved through hand washing, but we beg to differ! Another common belief is that dishwashers are expensive to run and use excessive amounts of water. Hoover’s dynamic mega uses just 10 litres of water and has an energy rating of A+++ which equals a huge thumbs up in our house. Stinky water and stinky plates after a cycle is no longer an issue with this dishwasher as the door pops open automatically once a cycle has finished enabling the air to circulate naturally. The above issues are real but are irrelevant with this particular dishwasher due to its flexibility in style and practicality.


Beyond fitting into our family life perfectly, this dishwasher also looks sleek, elegant and tidy in our kitchen. It blends well in our home and is very much a welcomed addition to our happy busy lives. More importantly, whilst the dishwasher is doing our dishes… we have more free time to giggle with baby Ava, drink coffee and play tug of war with the resident Jack Russell.


Visit the website for your own dishwashing goddess! www.hoover.co.uk


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