HandiRack + HandiHoldall

“More fun, less hassle…”

For some taking a baby and a dog on holiday would be a breeze, for us, we freak out! Mainly because We know that when we start packing there is no stop button! Everything will end up being packed and most of it will be in the “just in case” category. ‘Just in case we lose two hairbrushes we had better take a third’… yeah, this is our style. This would be ok if we had a juggernaut, but indeed we don’t. So when you are faced with three people, a dog, a pushchair, baby bath and more bags than a footballers wife likes to take abroad, the sweat starts rolling down our faces.

The obvious item to invest in would be a roof rack, which we kind of did. But this particular product is far more flexible and dynamic than a regular roof rack and box.

The Handiholdall by handiworld is robust, waterproof (my goodness we tested this factor) with super strong zips that can be padlocked together. We drove in torrential rain and high winds to Cornwall with our handirack and holdall strapped to the roof of our car. We have to admit we were partially nervous about scattering the road with a baby bath and many, many toys leaving the dual carriageway looking like a toys r us lorry had crashed. But we live to tell the tale, and although that would make a for quite an exciting story it didn’t happen. Once the straps were pulled tight and the bag zipped up, nothing moved, not even an inch! Amazing.
The handirack and holdall will do wonders for our love of not packing light.
We reckon we took easily 100% more clobber with us using the handiholdall compared to without, its capacity is brilliant. What’s better,  if you happened to travel lighter, haha as if! The straps can be adjusted quickly and easily preventing the bag from looking like a deflated bouncy castle, thus, making it more secure and easy on the eye.


If like many households you have more than 1 car, the handirack and holdall can be moved quickly and in a hassle-free manner, which we like…a lot!
It doesn’t matter about the make and model all you need is a car! Their mantra is totally accurate, “more fun, less hassle” and the fact it can be taken off your car in what we reckon to be 60 seconds makes the boring parts of travel a little less…well, troublesome.
All you need to do is loosen the straps and lift the bag down using the robust handles.


We kept putting the rack and holdall on and off our car during our time in Cornwall helping us to explore and go on little adventures quickly and comfortably.
The product comes with instructions explaining different ways to use the handiholdall, for instance with an existing rack.
Once we strapped it all together we didn’t need to look again as it was very straightforward. We did, however, struggle slightly with seeing the thumbnail images and felt if they were in colour and slightly larger it would have made our initial construction a little easier.
Having the handirack and handiholdall makes us feel less, errhh god no! About getting out and about with our baby and dog and more like “Hey yeah, why not!”

Take your whole world on an adventure to with handiworld holdall and rack.


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