Forbes & Lewis


The Wilshire Messenger

Ideas that come to my mind when thinking about the Wiltshire Messenger are, scenes from a period novel set in the beautiful rolling green and mustard hills of the countryside. With a poetic chap, who sits under an oak tree contemplating nature and the arts. The Wiltshire Messenger, however, is not a scene from a stylish novel but is most certainly a lead character in its own beautiful love story about quality and style.


Forbes & Lewis

Forbes & Lewis, who provide luxury leather and canvas goods have brought us the Wiltshire Messenger which is a satchel style bag inspired by the British countryside.

Forbes & Lewis describe the bag as ‘timeless’ on their website and, with my illustrative and flowing hands, I almost struggle to put into words how accurate their description is! I absolutely love a product that immerses you in their description and story. This is how we emotionally invest in brands and continue to shop with them. I am not so keen on a product that leaves you thinking, oh wow… you didn’t meet your objectives!  But this is not the case here.

The Nitty Gritty

This stunning and expressive bag tells a wonderful tale with its real leather vintage feel, stitching in a lighter tone to the bag, buckles and clasps. This bag definitely boasts a contemporary twist with its inner compartment fitting a 15inch laptop making it useful. And if like me you pack for an apocalypse each time you leave the house, you can continue to do so with the inner and outer compartments and pockets. A bag where you can keep some order and separate your keys and cash from everything else going on your travels is very helpful.

If you were to get stuck in April showers (and let’s face it, who are we kidding, showers in April are the least of our problems… try a full on downpour in November erhhh!!) there is no need to bear hug your bag to save its dignity, nope, as both the leather and canvas are water resistant, amazing…

Details like the debossed Forbes & Lewis branding on the front of the bag and the robust detachable strap and grab handle continue to tell a tale of quality and style. The Wiltshire Messenger is extremely tactile with its variety of brown tones running throughout the leather. The detailing for certain, gives the bag an artisan vibe with perfect equilibrium between vintage and contemporary.


From undoing the buckles to loading and carrying the bag it is obvious to me that Forbes & Lewis have created a bag that is as strong as an ox.

You need one!

Forbes & Lewis have a huge range of bags which all tell their own beautiful tales. If you want to explore more, you should definitely click a few times to land on their stylish site.


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