Juice + Jelly… What, Why and How


A good day

Balloons, banners, soft play, flowers and music – all made up a super duper special first Birthday party. Excitement had been brewing for weeks – we had spent more hours and money than we wish to admit, to make the day memorable and fun for everyone.


We set up the party in our local village hall where, little friends and family were invited to celebrate Ava’s first year and to welcome happy wishes for the next year of her smiley, happy life.


We were very lucky to get our hands on a collection of healthy Jelly Juice drink for our little guests, which are available from the very approachable company (the jelly juice, not little guests) called Naturelly. They create healthy snacks for both children and adults which, consists of, yep, you’ve got it juice and jelly, but I hear some sceptics question the ‘jelly’ element. Honestly, there is no need to start wagging any fingers as the jelly isn’t created with gelatine and is in fact made with natural gums. And, with no added sugar or sweeteners your bundle of joy will not end up a twitchy hyperactive human bouncing ball, Phewww!!!

The colourful and jolly packaging was a very welcomed addition to our sweet little party and sat proudly at the top of the table next to our salads and dips.

Yummy noises

So, for the party, we created a buffet for all of our guests ranging from salads and a selection of meats to a cheese board, yum! And, although our little ones were able to dabble in and out of the buffet food provided, the jelly juice made the day even sweeter and accommodating for their tiny tummies.



Judging by the focus on Ava’s face, the juicy goodness which ended up around her mouth, nose, hair and the ummm yumms yummy noises being churped, it can definitely be said that this snack got a little baby thumbs up.

Our friends were thrilled by Naturelly being offered out and even said how popular they had been with the bambinos.



Another lovely scene to see was Ava insisting on holding the pouch to squeeze the life out of it ‘all by myself mummy!’ with every intention of getting every last juicy morsel from the eye-catching packaging.

Balancing act

Knowing that Naturelly Jelly juice is packed with natural ingredients we didn’t have to concern ourselves with nasty ingredient and, in fact, meant we were giving a snack that contributed towards our little one’s daily nutritional needs. For more information about the snack’s health benefits visit Naturelly.co.uk


Their fun and bubbly website will provide you with lots of information about Naturelly’s brilliant story and how the idea of jelly juice was born. You can also check out what awards they have won! – It’s certainly worth a look when a snack has been told the ‘Best Children’s Snack In Britain’…

Leap, hop, wibble, wobble and jump onto the train of juiciness by visiting Naturelly.co.uk

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