Tractors vs Spaceships: Which is best?


Paper aeroplanes, spaceships made from tin foil, tanks crafted out of egg boxes and a ‘hand me down’ bright pink barbie’s beach buggy are all significant modes of playful travel at an age when peek a boo is still flipping hilarious and your cheeky scribbles consist of an enormous dog looking down at your tiny square house.

art colorful colourful colors

Wow, those were the days, easy come – easy go, hassle-free, apart from being told to get in the bathtub just when you’re getting into smearing banana up the walls.

For me, I always reserved a little love for the jolly countryside tractor that stood grand and proud, filling me with a hop skip and a jump when visiting a petting farm or picnicking in beautiful green rolling hills. Barbie certainly offered a lot with her sporty beach buggy, but it had its limitations- it just wasn’t, well, tractor enough!

Fast forward on from florescent coloured ice pops and collecting spice girl cards into ‘grownupness’ (yes it’s a word! It ought to be if it isn’t) I still have a fondness for all things countryside. And getting stuck behind a tractor is just as much fun as it once was.

It’s here!

You can only begin to imagine the delight on my face when I got my hands on a wooden sit on tractor for my one-year-old…. ‘Thrilled’ and ‘clapping’ are probably two words to describe my state when our green tractor arrived. The wooden tractor from Kiddimoto is personalised with ‘Ava’ across the front, reminding me that it is, in fact, my child’s toy and not mine…sadly.

Our green tractor arrived safely in its box, padded and protected from the rather rough hands of some delivery drivers. The tractor was in parts in the box, but not too many parts that I had to block book a week out in my diary to construct it. Each part easily screwed into the next giving us a complete tractor in a matter of minutes. This wooden tractor has many assets, mainly its overall quality finish and feel. Here are a couple of details, among many, that I love the most:

·         The front wheels are responsive when turning the steering wheel

·         Having the name on the front makes it an extra special toy

·         Space at the back of the tractor where you can put more toys, yay

·         And the engine shapes at the front of the tractor

·         The bright cheery high-quality green finish

·         Smooth soft edges making it suitable for young ones


The verdict 

Ava, as I say has just turned one year old and up until now hasn’t been that impressed with toys like rocking horses, so a ride on the tractor was something for her to grow in to, or so I thought. To my surprise, it brings a smile to her face not only when she is hiding toys in the back but also when she is scooting around the lounge on it. It’s the steering wheel that is winning the show at present. Ava holds on to it like it’s going to run away and never come back. The proportions are just right for her little body with a wide enough seat that she won’t topple over to one side if she lost grip.

We have loved playing with it indoors but have had lots of fun taking the tractor out into its natural surrounds and playing outside on the grass. The wheels run smoothly on the carpet and grass and like a bat out of hell on hard flooring. I have thought that I might put some rope on the steering column for when she is a lot older, so I can take her for walks on it… wheeling her up and over the bridge into the real countryside.

I can see how Ava will be able to grow into this toy which is satisfying. I feel like it’s a good toy when it has longevity and is dynamic. Once more having her name on the front will give her something to talk about when she finds her words. But in the meantime, Ava is getting great pleasure from all the different ways she can play with her tractor now, like drumming on the seat with her excitable hands.

Tractors vs Spaceships

The tractor is definitely coming up trumps with its cool green paintwork, spinning wheels and personalisation… Who needs a spaceship made of foil anyway, you’ll just end up needing to tape its foil wings back on all day long and there is a much greater risk of being abducted by aliens with the spaceship… not for me

Plough over to to get your own, abduction free, tractor…








2 Comments Add yours

  1. Loving the tractor, My little one is nearly 2 and just loves trains at the moment. But I do adore wooden toys like this, definitely value for money


    1. Matt & Co says:

      Thank you very much for your lovely comment, Ava’s had hours of fun on this tractor.


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