10 ways to get the boom back into your life with Tibo

This time we are looking at how you can get great sound and style in your home all in one easy go

Nowadays, we can all be guilty of listening to our favourite soundtracks on our phones and tablets, although both have become quite advanced over the last few years they still lack that 3D sound that we all love when we hear it. Feeling the music pulse through your torso and pump into your ears is very invigorating but in ‘normal’ life it’s perhaps not very realistic lining your walls with speakers and subs to get the same vibe that you get from being at a festival. But why compromise completely? It makes no sense to love big sound but on the day to day listen to music in a half-hearted manner… Does it? Well, Matt and Co don’t think so!

iphone smartphone technology music

On the other hand, it is more difficult these days to accommodate loads of personal items what with growing families and shrinking living spaces. Additionally having ‘clutter’ around your room isn’t really in vogue. So here, we end up back at our original dilemma for enjoying great sound but restricting our love down to the size of a mobile phone.

Want to listen to Bob Marley’s ‘Could you be loved’ or ‘Teenage kicks’ by the Undertones with powerful sound? Then stop dancing, put down your phone and take a good look at the Tibo Sphere and Vogue range which, offer fantastic sound quality, versatility and are aesthetically pleasing.

Erhh and they are?…

‘Who are they?’ I hear you say… don’t panic, we were also unfamiliar with Tibo audio but when the Sphere and Vogue speakers arrived we were wonderfully surprised with how stunning both speakers were. And that’s when we started to look more closely at the technology Tibo produce.


On the Tibo website (Tibo-audio.com) their audio products are described as “the perfect fusion of quality sound reproduction, technological innovation and supreme style” and, “Beautifully crafted”.

The quality of the speakers we were sent, punch you between the eye (not literally, thankfully) and the weight of both leave you feeling that both products are well made. Stef Murphy from Technuovo.com also loves the heaviness of the Sphere telling us “Makes things feel a little more premium than the usual plasticy Bluetooth speaker”

Vogue + Sphere

At present, the preference between both speakers from an aesthetical point of view is the Vogue with its’ unique wood effect which simply looks in keeping and relevant in our home. However, even with its box-like style the Sphere certainly makes up for everything with its bass and ability to reach amazing volume levels. Good Housekeeping Institute describes the Sphere as having “room-filling sound” but it was also found that “sound lacked warmth and richness”. Arguably both speakers paired and sounded fantastic at an event we recently held and continue to fill our room with subtle sound and blasting bass depending on the time of day. And we are not the only ones believed to be impressed, a review on God is Geek says “the bass in this thing is mighty”. We like the voice that informs you of which settings have been selected and the volume levels. The clarity of music at lower volumes and higher volumes is great and isn’t affected by the different modes

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Break it down!

Let’s have a closer look at what Tibo speakers can offer you:

  • As previously highlighted, no one wants a speaker in their home that sits in the corner looking like a naughty child with a dunce hat on. With Tibo, you don’t have to compromise between sound quality and good looks. So when your friends are over you can get down in style.
  • Both the sphere and Vogue have carry handles making them versatile. I had a few concerns that carrying something that has a good weight to it with a modest handle might end up in pieces at my feet however, remarkably the handles feel as sturdy as the speakers themselves. The handle will allow you to get out and about with your music impressing anyone who loves music.
  • With your Tibo speaker, you will get the Tibo app which allows you to manage your music and speakers around your home, whether you are playing one album or several. Never again will you need to be without your favourite anthems.
  • From using the speakers in a domestic environment and at an event with many people the speakers performed tremendously with great bass and presence.
  • The quality of the sound is shown off when listening to music quietly or at much higher volumes. We have quite a broad like in music from Jazz to punk and have been impressed consistently. Crank your music up and fill your home with happiness.
  • The Tibo Sphere comes in a range of colours from white to green, so we are feeling pretty confident that you will find the perfect match.
  • You can pair your speakers creating an even more 3D sound, so you can feel your music pulse through your torso and get that festival vibe.
  • Music can be streamed from many sources using the app leaving you with little reason not to get down to your favourite music on a Monday morning which requires motivation or a Friday night that needs an mc Hammer banger.
  • Connectivity shouldn’t be an issue, from line in mode to wifi mode you will be able to get your music booming without any sweat or hassle. It’s this flexibility that enables a good time wherever you are.
  • And for the 10th way to get the boom back into your life, you can charge your phone… handy! All singing all dancing…

The moral of the story

The range of styles offered by Tibo gives you options, quality and aesthetics to pick from, this means you will have a product that suits you and your home. Both the Sphere and Vogue have a lot of presence from a sound perspective but blend into our home, we especially love the curves of the Vogue. Both speakers are versatile because they can be charged up and taken out and about. These should definitely get some boom back into your life.

If music is your passion or if you just like to have a soundtrack to your life its fundamental you enjoy it through high-quality speakers otherwise the full effect is just, well, not full!

For more reviews take a look online and you will find loads of information not only about the Sphere and Vogue but also all the other ranges available at tibo-audio.com

Sounds good to me!…



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