Kitkase~ Branded travel cases

Let’s look at Kitkase up close and find out who they are, and what they do…


We all love going on holiday, but there’s nothing worse than putting fresh ironed clothing into a damaged old suitcase where the baggage handlers have mistreated your precious property… it absolutely happens, we sat on a plane years ago and saw our case rocket through the sky into a cage, thank goodness it made it in the cage! Other cases didn’t!


Travelling in style

Do you want to arrive at your destination with a suit case that has experienced more injuries than a cauliflower eared rugby player? If not, we beg the question, why not treat yourself to a new stylish and practical travel case from Kitkase.

As soon as we opened the box the case was delivered in you could tell there was a quality product inside. The packaging had been put together with thought and great presentation.


Who are they?

Kitkase design, manufacture and produce a unique range of embossed sports cases to celebrate your favourite club or team. Interestingly, they also produce corporate cases to help promote your business when you are traveling the globe.


What do they do?

Our case has handy rolling wheels making it easy and smooth to manoeuvre. It’s telescopic handles save you from back pain and discomfort.  Not having to lift the case excessively or drag it around on dodgy wheels helps to make a trip away enjoyable from stage 1 of packing, through to the final stage of arriving at the other end.


Every details have been accounted for, from the designs precision and sleek appearance to the practicalities of the cases structure. The zip is sturdy and with repeated opening and closing it doesn’t stick, snag, or split…not even when the case is overfilled and you pray the zip will do up, which is part of packing and traveling, isn’t it?

Kit case will help you to stand out from the crowd and travel in Pride whether that be with your individually branded case or one of their sports cases.

What’s next?

Arrive in style with Kitkase…


For a case with quality and style that work in harmony, you will be looking to pay £49.99 You can order yours directly from their website the payment process is quick and simple. Kitkase have agreed to donate 25% of profits from sales of the Manchester Bee case to the We Love Manchester charity.

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