Astonished with the Roidmi S1 Special

Set to be astonished by the lightweight Roidmi S1 Special cordless vacuum cleaner. It has turned our heads 270 degrees making cleaning worthwhile.

Blame the messy family members…

We are proud parents of a Jack Russell (baby number one), toddler and baby. All three are a long way off understanding the concept of being tidy. Not wiping hands and faces on everything seems to be a real challenge. After eight years of, no no nos our Jack Russell still finds it difficult resisting dragging her nose along the lounge floor. By the end of the day our carpets and floors are beginning to resemble a Jackson Pollock art piece. By the end of the day if you listen hard enough you will hear our lounge carpet pancaking and beginning to shedding a tear.

The average family won’t be shocked by us needing to vacuum a couple of times a day. We blissfully did this for years, happy at the results, less happy at manoeuvring the vacuum forward and back over and over until a suspicious piece of tread lifted off the carpet.  

Blissfully mindless…

We had a ‘Hoover’, we were content with the product, more importantly it had a 20 minute run time which gave us just enough time to jog it around our home…maintaining pace was key so the battery didn’t run out half way up the stairs. It collected a bundle of goodness knows what with a sprinkling of white dog hair, brilliant.

‘It does what it does’…

When we received the Roidmi S1 Special we were in the mindset that a vacuum cleaner does what it does! How can they be so different from other vacuums? If it cleans your floors then it does the job, surely… well… the Roidmi soon became our new toy. A source of entertainment even. After a couple of months we still stare into the storage mesmerised at how much ‘stuff’, ‘mess’ it has picked up…where’s it all coming from?! we ask ourselves. Naturally we blame it on the family members who cant defend themselves. But it is gob smacking. The feeling you get when the vacuum has gathered handfuls of ‘mess’ twice a day is a strange mix of achievement and satisfaction flipped with a feeling of disgust.

crop female artist with painted hands and rings in light studio
Polina Zimmerman

No comparison…

The Roidmi S1 Special has steam rollered all over the other vacuums we have ever owned. But How? The suction power is 120AW and the sealed chamber gives an amazing deep clean time and time again. The cleaning head with its sealed chamber increases the power and in turn gets right into your carpet removing dust and other nasties which no other vacuums have achieved in our home. We are completely and whole heartily impressed with its suction performance. It gives us a sense that, when we do run the vacuum around it has a purpose, it is doing its job, the effort we put into cleaning our home is not in vein

The Multi-level cyclone system is powerful on the standard setting and is superb in the deep clean mode. Thankfully both create little noise which is fundamental as we often do a clean once the kiddies are in bed. The boost mode is still quieter than our ‘Hoover’…the S1 really has ticked so many boxes for our family.

Furthermore, the combination of its cordless design and the 270 degree head rotation means we have been able to move around our home quickly with ease, getting into gaps and spaces that would have once relied on us moving furniture. And the 50 minute run time provides us with ample time to clean twice a day without fear of forgetting to recharge the battery. And for the deeper cleans the battery powers gives us all the time we need to get the job done to a high standard. With this product you don’t have to deal with cutting hair off the roller brushes every few weeks as it does not clog with the tangle free system… phew! One less task to have on the never ending to-do list.

If you want to achieve a high standard you wouldn’t need to worry with this product, because it has a multi layered filtration capturing dust, dust mites, pollen and allergens, up to larger particles like pet fur and crumbs. We have certainly seen the difference between our other vacuums. Along with the hair, fur and other larger particles you can see all of the dust and smaller particles in the storage. How are we creating so much mess we ask ourselves every time we see what has been collected.


Looking good!

We can not finish without talking about the way this product is styled. We don’t hide this vacuum away, in fact we are so proud of the way it works, keeps our home clean for us and our children, that we have it on display. It is sleek and styled in a way that makes it something worth showing off. The white and red styling with the elegant power lights that sit vertically and parallel to the handle look beautiful. The 2-in-1 SnapCharger enables us to dock the vacuum upright against our wall without fear or it falling over.

One final details that will provide you with all the confidence you need is the five year motor guarantee. Giving you every reason to try the lightweight Roidmi S1 Special cordless vacuum cleaner.

Is this vacuum any different?

So to answer our question, How can this vacuum be so different from other vacuums? It is sooo very different, for one, it actually cleans our floors, we apply a bit of effort by pushing it around our home and it gives back 100%. Total satisfaction. Floors that have been visibly deep cleaned. It’s lightweight, looks incredible. Its saving us work with the anti clogging hair cutting system. It is powerful, quiet – reducing the noise torture experienced with other vacuums and is elegant.

This product will leave your current, work shy, vacuum cleaner feeling shameful awaiting a place at the back of your cupboard.



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