Power Sheds

The Pent shed that will give any shed a run for its money!

It was towards the end of March 2020 when we started to notice that we craved an outdoor space that offered us more than what we had. Like a lot of people our outdoor space was incredibly limited, which was highlighted during this time. We consider ourselves a family who like the outdoors and made the most of what we had. The situation kindly led us into applying for an allotment.

The day we got the allotment

Having an allotment plot would also support our home education future. Having an allotment became the perfect solution to our lack of outside space. And a brilliant addition to our -hands-on, exploratory and humanistic, learning environment.

Den building

So, back in late October 2020, we had some amazing news. We were offered an allotment plot. And the first thing I felt we needed was a shed that would soon become ‘The Hideout’ space where the kids can exhibit their artwork, be inspired, lay down and chill, us grownups can have a caffeine-fuelled experience, and a place where our allotment essentials could be stored.

Making the most of the interior space

Now, I’m not denying the fact that we have obtained a shed, and given it many hats to wear, but it has been an absolute tonic having this space. Furthermore, knowing it is great quality gives us complete peace of mind.

Lunch at the allotment

Buying with Power Sheds has been a smooth and calm process, which is something our family strive for with a baby and toddler on the scene! The shed was delivered on the day agreed and directly to our allotment for free, which saved us a lot of hassle. It arrived on pallets and was safely manoeuvre into our plot. We noticed the instructions had been misplaced en route, however, this was quickly addressed by the helpful individual that answered my phone call. Before I knew it, the instructions were in my inbox ready to print. We followed the instructions without any hiccups (apart from constant heavy rain).

Muddy foot construction

By the end of the day, we had a fine looking shed that would be responsible for transforming our allotment plot into the great space it is now.

6×6 Pent shed

We chose the 6×6 Pent shed with double doors, window and additional head room. I loved the look of it and felt the double doors would allow us to open the space up so it could have several uses like a ‘hut’. I think that if we had chosen a shed with a single door the essence of the space would have been completely different and not delivered what we wanted. So I am so happy with this particular product. The window is a great size and lets light flood in even on gloomy days. The toughened glass is 500% more resistant to shock and heat. Additionally, the lock and key provided has added a greater sense of security.

6×6 Pent shed

The high grade timber has been preserved which, means my first job after putting the shed up wasn’t staining it. Huge tick for that!
I was impressed by the sheds flexibility. We were able to work out where the best place was to put the doors and window, tailoring it to our vision and needs. Working out this was straightforward and didn’t pose us any issues.

After a few months of standing proud on our allotment, and not to mention enduring many harsh weathers. The shed looks like we could have put it up yesterday. There has been no water seeping in and no damage from the elements. Thanks to its quality and flexibility -our Power Shed has become our sanctuary and a fun base for our family to spend time in whilst we learn all about planting and harvesting crops.

‘The hideout’

We look forward to many years adapting the shed space to our families needs and trust it will remain sound and sturdy…our ‘Hideout’ has become so figural to us during these times.



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